And then there were four

Don Garber has really mastered the negotiating secrets of Bernie Mac from "Bad Santa."

Um, Mr. Claure? If you had chosen someone besides FC Barcelona to work with, today would probably have been a very different press conference. Eddie Murphy gave up on Joe Piscopo eventually, just saying.

Note with amusement that last week or so, Garber was saying that sure, Miami would play in 2010 if they were picked. The double-edge of that statement - at no point was it a lie - technically - is hilariously apparent in retrospect. There's no reason the Iowa City Kickers can't join MLS in 2010, either, by that logic.

Miami, despite the now-infamous 90% prediction, still don't hold the record for most heartbreaking near-miss. Well, unless you factor in the whole "had a team and lost it through no fault of their own" thing. St. Louis, if they were to miss once again at this stage, becomes the 1970's Holland of candidate cities.

The worst though, was Cleveland, which was actually announced back in November 2003, along with Chivas USA.

"But I thought CUSA was announced along with Salt Lake City?" Salt Lake City wasn't even on the freaking radar in 2003. Scaryice correctly described the Utah announcement as coming out of nowhere at the 2004 All-Star Game.

"Wait, so nothing is over, even after the announcement? Even the New New York Cosmos still have a chance?", that's not what I...oh, God....

Also on the MLS site today:

The waiver wire is always a heartbreaking experience. The names that jumped out at me were Nik Besagno (poor kid) and Ned Grabavoy. I don't know what to say about Grabavoy, except I thought he was going to have a much more successful career than he has so far.