Omars Make News for Different Reasons

I don’t feel good today. In one of my drafts from last Friday’s blog, I mentioned that if there was ever a game that would be a great introduction to the Mexican Primera, it would be Saturday’s Monterrey-Toluca game. The game had it all: two good teams, a great atmosphere in a sold out stadium, the two leading scorers in the tournament (Mancilla for Toluca and Suazo for Monterrey), and a great intangible that games played at “el Tec” almost always are incredibly entertaining. It didn’t disappoint.

[ame=""]Monterry 3-3 Toluca.[/ame]

It was by far the best game of the season. I instead chose to keep my sunshine pumping at a minimum, thus not alerting y’all to what turned out to be a super game. My apologies.

It was a weird week in Mexico. Six of the nine games ended in draws. Only UNAM, Guadalajara and San Luis managed victories. And it was Chivas’ 5-0 drubbing of the superl