Botanitas II

Over the past few days, I have been in Austin, San Antonio, Laredo, back to Austin, Lubbock, Seminole, and then back to Austin. Cue Ray Benson....

I missed all the Champions league games. I was home just long enough to see Montreal "shock" Santos. Was the result really a surprise? When a coach gets on plane not knowing anything about an opponent that finished first in a group, one would think that he would at least watch games in double speed, or the assistants, the interns, the players, the cooks, anyone. But such is the life of a Mexican coach. Scouting and preparation be damned. What did John Wooden say about thay? When you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. It should be the motto of Mexican teams. The "we're the best, and everyone else sucks so why do we need to do anything" mission statement may have worn out its welcome.

Jaime Lozano may not be the fastest guy or the most persistent defender. But can he ever take free kicks. He got another one in the 1-0 victory over my Pumas. That's 6 games without a win, boys. Who do you think you are? Mexico?

Kudos to Gio for finally scoring for Tottenham in an official game. It wasn't enough, though, as spurs crash out of the UEFA. I hope you enjoyed it, Gio, because without the extra cup games, I don't think you'll be seeing the pitch all that much from here on out. At least not with spurs. It's a shame because you can make a difference.

Every year, there is one team from Mexico that lays an egg in the Libertadores. This year, Mexico has two. Pachuca never go to the group stage and San Luis is at full speed headed toward a dead end. The table toppers in the last tourney have suffered a reduction in force to prop up their sister franchises: Necaxa, who has moved past flirting and is now locked in the forbidden dance with relegation, and America who is just trying to look respectable. What's left is a team that is not built for a cup run, or even a local run. Another wasted opportunity.