US uniform gallery, part 3.5 of 3 - Masters of Disguise

Took TOTC's advice to leaf through the US Soccer Hall of Fame pictures - long story short, will ya get a load of this:

If some of those players look familiar, check out the caption:

Couple of misspellings, but you get the gist.

So, um...what was up with the uniforms?

One assumes the colors are blue and white.

By the way, did "The Game of their Lives" movie ever suck. Get the book instead.

The goalkeepers seem to be wearing American Soccer League all-star shirts. In Brazil, Borghi would wear what looked like a T-shirt against England.

Seven years later, the tables would be turned, and a club would play under the alias of the United States national team.

That's Kutis, an ASL team out of St. Louis, in a picture from 1954. A better look at the badge is shown in the Hall of Fame picture of William Looby:

Hm, it looks a little like the 1950 US uniform, only with Kutis instead of USA. One assumes those uniforms would have served pretty well in 1957, when this happened during the disastrous World Cup qualifying campaign:

Like Geoffrey Douglas' "Game of Their Lives," Wangerin's book is utterly indispensable.

The pattern for US World Cup and Olympic qualifying had thus been set, and would run for perhaps it's forgiveable that "Hey, let's keep pictures of these priceless memories celebrating the very worst moments in American soccer!" wouldn't be a high priority.