Aguirre says Don't Bother

Javier Aguirre cast aside any notions that he would be available in case SGE gets bounced. He was back in Mexico City this week, declared that whoever coaches the Tri needs everyone's full support, and hopes to get another gig back in Europe. In other words, he has no intention of dealing with FEMEXFUT for any reason. Look elsewhere if the time comes.

Jose Peckerman flew in to Monterrey to take over Tigres. Peckerman coached Toluca last year, but left on his own accord. Rumors painted him as upset that he didn't get offered the Mexico gig after Hugo was canned. So he went back to Argentina. The cynics in us see him as a coach in waiting in case SGE is canned. That would mean that the geniuses at FEMEXFUT, then, would be up to plan D.

If this indeed plays out, the Mexican media would be hyperventilating with excitement, like weathermen during thunderstorm watches. Some will be ballsy enough to take credit for the ouster and they'll all smear it up something awful.

It always amazes me how much the Mexican media relishes the failures of their subjects. Nothing is more eloquant than a destructive criticism. They don't hype up teams in hoping for team success. They do it because they can make the failure even more spectacular.

It is more fun to watch the talking heads when Mexico gets a good result because they usually haven't prepared anything for that. But their destructive rants-- those were memorized.

SGE has a few more weeks to see who he wants to call up for a closer look. Amazingly, 2 nationals are tied for 7th on the scorers table. One is familiar, Luis Landin. Landin has the size,speed, and skill to be a great striker. It has been hard for him to turn that potential into reality, but there is still hope.

The other guy is Oribe Peralta. Who? No surprise. It's hard to get noticed in chiapas. They both have 4 goals so far. Keep it up, muchachos. Just don't pay any attention to the good press. It's a trap.