You know the Germans always make good stuff

By way of the one and only Kenn:

The Women's Professional Soccer unveiled their uniforms today, courtesy of a German cookie cutter. They also conform to the dictum that at least 75% of all American pro soccer teams wear some sort of shade of blue.

I will guarantee you that this:

is gonna stand the test of time better than this:

You can see them all individually here, but they are pretty much seen one, seen 'em all.

The exception is the Red Stars' jersey, which proves that the Chicago Fire really need to re-release their own Chicago flag alternate jersey. Kenn has a great shot of Lindsey Tarpley in the home jersey, which I shouldn't really leech off of. More proof that the Red Stars are run by a through and through soccer guy. Thererfore, the FC Gold Pride one will probably sell better.

They're not bad shirts at all on their own, but even a seven team league could use more than two templates. I would consider buying a Sol shirt, but I am nowhere near secure enough in my masculinity to sport a women's soccer jersey. Otherwise I'd be wearing the gold US shirt as we speak. And so would you.