Sunday Blogging: Now With 50% Less Beckham!!


What the hell is it about this guy? He takes the dog for a walk or gets a haircut and newspapers the world over frantically pull out the typeface they were saving for the Second Coming.

Sure he's more than an athlete, he's a "celebrity", but celebrities are a dime a dozen. Britney Spears is a celebrity too, and every bit as well known, but to get this much coverage she'd have to get caught servicing the entire Seventh Fleet.

What? Last week, you say? Huh. Missed it.

So I'm leaving BecksNews until the very end today, for two reasons: first, to show him that this is BigSoccer, not BigBeckham, and we do have other concerns around here (petty and insignificant though they be), and secondly because I have - courtesy of loyal BS member "keller4president" - MAYBE THE GREATEST eBAY OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME


If anyone out there has a copy of this record, I beg you: share it with us.

There's still a lot of debate going on relative to the news that DC United will be moving to Prince Georges County, Maryland.

A lot of people are complaining that moving away from their prime fan base in Northern Virginia will cost them customers, which may or may not be true; DC fans are a hardy and loyal bunch, and it's hard to believe they'll abandon the team in droves because the trip just got a little longer.

My question is: what the heck else were they supposed to do?

There's a school of thought that says this is all just a bluff to force DC's hand, but I seriously doubt it. DC just isn't buying and nothing is going to change that.

Indeed, the team showed a ridiculous amount of patience with an arcane political establishment that demonstrated time and again that they just weren't interested. For that team, with their record and level of support, to keep losing money year after year after year in RFK was almost criminal.

Maybe it's just me, but I think the main reason they kept pushing for the Poplar Point site for so long (aside that is, from desperately wanting to stay in the District) is that no one could quite believe that DC's City Father's weren't going to wake up one day and realize how much sense it made for all parties.

Alas, they never did, and more to the point it became obvious that they never would. It's almost ten years overdue but DC is finally going to get the building they deserve and bravo.

Meanwhile, the folks out in Seattle want us all to know that BUILDING "ONE OF THOSE SOCCER SPECIFIC STADIUMS" is for suckers and losers.

Because they have the wisdom and foresight to play in an NFL stadium, they can host teams like Chelsea and other, less visionary outfits can only look on in envy.

They'd also like you to know that those ugly pointyball lines won't be a problem. They're sure. Well, pretty sure. Well, OK, so they really don't know but - to quote Shaq - "don't worry about it"

The San Jose Earthquakes, who are planning to build one of those really dumb soccer-specific-stadium thingies, signed thid round draft pick Quincy Amarikwa this week.

Amarikwa had 15 goals for Cal Davis, but will likely forever be remembered for this one:

[ame=""]YouTube - UC Davis vs. UCSB Men's Soccer Bicycle Kick Goal - Quincy Amarikwa #22 for UCD[/ame]

North of the border, my brothers at Toronto FC announced that they will be SHARING THIER STADIUM THIS YEAR.

Fortunately, their bunkmate will be the former Rochester Rattlers of Major League Lacrosse, the nascent outfit founded by gone but not forgotten Former MLS Commissioner Doug Logan which plays, I believe "field" lacrosse, which is different from "box" lacrosse, although nobody gives a damn about either one.

I'd make some typically snarky comment about MLL being so small-time that they were having to relocate the Rattlers, who won the Championship last year, but since MLS did the same thing just a few years ago I think I'll pass.

And finally, in keeping with the new ALL BECKHAM ALL THE TIME format here on the BigSoccer home page, here's today's poop:

Somebody better tell Victoria that it looks like David's headed back to LA because at the moment she's over in Milan HOUSEHUNTING.

Of course this could be just another PR move orchestrated by the increasingly Machiavellian-looking Simon Fuller to make ti appear like she knows something we don't.

Fuller himself, meanwhile, is apparently desperately working to salvage the transfer, and IS IN LA RIGHT NOW POUNDING ON TIM LEIWEKE'S DOOR, possibly carrying danish and lattes.

Of course, Fuller is another guy who has more money than God at this point and could toss in a little of his own money to make this happen but, as I mentioned yesterday, athletes and agents/managers are always sure that everyone else should invest boatloads of money on them but are never willing to put up a dime of their own cash.

And I hope you're sitting down, because here's a piece from The Mirror that comes down quite firmly ON THE GALAXY'S SIDE OF THE ARGUMENT.

The writer notes that while the European media are pretty uniformly casting LA as the bad guys in all of this, that in fact "They have acted honourably and stuck to their side of a very expensive bargain.

And it's certainly hard to argue with his conclusion:

In football, money talks. But that doesn’t mean that David Beckham isn’t in the wrong.

See you Monday.