David? David who?

If you think I'm going to spend valuable space on the BigSoccer homepage just to mock David Beckham yet again...you're right!

New Galaxy crest revealed

Nothing is over until March 9, of course. There's still a chance that either Milan or AEG will fold. But right now, it looks as if karma has taken a big meaty bite out of David Beckham.

Let's spend the rest of this post recapping, because it's important to remember what was at stake for the principals. Milan didn't have THAT much on the line, the Galaxy had a lot...and Beckham had everything to lose.

But we'll have time to comment later, when we see how MLS and Beckham react. Apparently Milan thinks that MLS/AEG/the Galaxy are now petrified at the idea of Beckham returning to the United States in a bad mood. We'll see.

In the meantime, re-live The Beckham Loan: The Early Years.

Adriano Galliani, October 22:

Adriano Galliani, December 8:

Adriano Galliani, February 3:

David Beckham, February 4:

David Beckham, February 6:

Tim Leiweke, February 7:

Adriano Galliani, February 9:

Don Garber, February 11:

Tim Leiweke, February 13 and 14:

Adriano Galliani, February 14:

Carlo Ancelotti, February 14:

David Beckham, February 16:

Adriano Galliani, February 18:

Silvio Berlusconi, February 19:

Tim Leiweke, February 19:

Adriano Galliani, February 20: