US uniform gallery - part 2 of 3 - the early Nike years

2002 World Cup home

Good memories. Let's never wear something like this again.

2002 World Cup away

See, the navy version was much more tolerable than the white version, to me. Collarless worked better, so did having only two colors.

1999-2001 home qualifying

To the average supporter, this shirt was totally plain, because name and numbers cost extra and you have to find someone with the right fonts and it takes longer and what if they screw up and so forth. I think the number livens it up enough to make this a perfectly nice shirt, but solid white, in real life? Just a canvas for beer stains.

1999-2001 away qualifying

JESUS, what a horrible image of Landon. One of the few red shirts we've had in, like, history. These kits were just the 1998 World Cup shirts with the chest stripes removed, minus the collar, and a poofier, cheaper-looking number font. I'm not a fan, in other words.

1998 World Cup home

From behind, which is where we took it in that game.

1998 World Cup away

I should have liked this more than I did at the time. Of course, anything related to the 1998 World Cup causes nightmares, but these weren't necessarily bad. Except if your body shape or your dryer wasn't necessarily perfect, that chest stripe got pretty wonky.

1995-1997 home jersey

Guest starring Mexico’s calendar jersey. Arguably, the best looks either of these teams ever had.

1995-1997 away

Yeah, I love this one.

1995-1997 3rd jersey replica - "alpine blue"

...okay, so this killed off third jerseys for about a decade. It didn't look THAT bad.

Just kidding - wow, what a piece of crap that was