US uniform gallery - part 1 of 3

Clemente's post got me to thinking. If we're going to talk US uniforms, then let's really look at what was worn in the past. It's pretty interesting.

Ask me why I'm posting these in reverse chronological order. Well, see, it was because generally more recent pictures were easier to find, so I got those first, and...ah, screw it.

2008-2009 qualifying home

Why does this shirt bore me more than any other the US has ever worn, with maybe one or two exceptions?

2008-2009 qualifying away

I find this outfit likeably plain, but its drabness belies its groundbreaking. This "anthracite" gray is the only time, to my knowledge, that the US men have taken the field in something besides red, white, or blue. (The women took the field in 2007 and 2008 wearing Olympic gold.) If Nike or the USSF is similarly bold in the World Cup outfit, the US would join a very select group of nations whose home jerseys do not feature any of their flag's colors. (Italy, Germany, Holland, Japan, Australia and Northern Ireland are the vast majority of the others.) (We're not counting trim or patches.)

2007 alternate

Royal blue doesn't work. Hey, what about the Dodgers and the Cubs and the Royals and such? Those teams use royal blue as a trim - they wear white or gray or light blue. Hey, what about Italy? Um....well, Italy has never had pinstripes. Maybe it's really the pinstripes I hate. A white version would look more presentable, as well as totally reminding people of baseball. Appropriate for "Yanks," I guess, but there's a good reason this was a one-off.

2006 World Cup home

Liked it a lot. Wish we did better in it.

2006 World Cup away

Liked this a lot more in 1995, when it had a collar and the replica version didn't have a big annoying gaping hole in the middle and the stripes went all the way around.

2006 Don't Tread On Me red jersey

This son of a bitch is really scratchy and uncomfortable, which pisses me off all the more since it was such a damn great shirt. Snake needed to be on the other sleeve, though, since on the right sleeve it was facing backwards. Or better still, make it the crest. Our crest blows and has for decades now. Problem is, Nike owns the snake design and the USSF owns the flying soccer ball design, so I anticipate problems making the DTOM snake official.

2004 1950 World Cup throwback

Not TOTALLY accurate, since the 1950 guys didn't have numbers on the front. Still - this is awfully pretty. Figures that Nike would ******** it up by having 3/4 sleeves, but once that incredible mistake is corrected, we might have a standard design.

2003 1950 “throwback”

Way off on stripe color, but you know what? This is a pretty damn nice shirt in its own right. There, I said it.

2003-2005 home qualifying

You can't really see it in pictures, but the number and circle weren't a solid color, which made it look kinda sorta real stupid up close. It also ended up looking pink instead of red from a distance. Pretty much ruined a rather bold design, for it being solid white and all. Note the random red trim on the left sleeve only.

2003-2005 away qualifying

When Carlos Bocanegra wore this shirt, it looked like he was in the Fantastic Four. I tend to like navy shirts, and this was perfectly fine.

To be continued, since you can only have ten images per post. Enjoy your Friday evening info-dump.