US uniform gallery 3 of 3 - the first hundred years

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1994 World Cup "away"

1994 World Cup "home"

Reams have been written about these. They will live forever in our nightmares.

1991-1993 home jersey

1991-1993 away jersey

Gee, three enormous stripes on the arm and shorts. I wonder who made them.

Note the crest real quick. This was a design USSF commissioned to replace the old, stodgy version, which currently lives on in referee shirts. It was perfect for the mid-90's Adidas designs, which I certainly do mean as an insult. The crest we have now is Nike trying to make the US crest look somewhat traditional, without tossing away the hard work that went into the new crest to begin with. Why not just go back to the pre-1991 design? Maybe kids LOVE the flying ball, I dunno.

1990 World Cup

Remember the blue version of this you see? I'm not entirely sure that version was ever worn. It was white all three times in the World Cup. Amusingly, the only version I ever saw in stores, and the only version you see popping up on eBay and such, is the blue version. I think it looks fine, but I'm probably remembering what passed for an acceptable design back in 1990. Bad times, folks, bad times.

1989 home qualifying

Doesn't get any more basic than this. So it looked as if the USSF was ordering from the Adidas catalog. For all I know, that's exactly what they were doing in the 80's.

After this point, it gets real sketchy. I've seen designs out there, but never in actual game photos. "Gee, Dan, do you have to see 70's and 80's US soccer game photos? Would you settle for pictures of the uniforms modeled by Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster?"

1959 Pan-American games

Nice little riff on the 1950 classic.

Walter Bahr's 1950 shirt in Oneonta

Easily confused for River Plate and Peru - for all I know, those kits were the inspiration. Certainly Reeber was just about the best team in the world at this point...although, that kind of tribute would show an awful lot of soccer sophistication that we don't usually associate with the federation at this point in history. Wasn't like the Argentine league was shown on the Dumont back then, either.

The only reason not to make this the basic design is, well, it's Peru with blue cuffs. The 1959 version, or the failed 2003 throwback, or the DTOM red design show the way forward here, though.

1930 World Cup

What do you mean, it’s hard to see? I'm guessing really plain white, until we get to the socks, and then apparently everything went crazy.