If the suits that run the Mexican primera run out of patience when their team loses two in row, why would anyone take a coaching job in Mexico? Luis Fernando “el flaco” Tena was tossed out with trash at Morelia yesterday. His crime? Losing two games in a row. He won two games in row prior to that. Morelia are only two points from the top of the group. But I guess it wasn’t enough. Tena is third coach in 6 weeks to walk the plank, and the 16th coach since last August to walk out with a security escort.

It looks like Paco Ramirez will not be sanctioned by FEMEXFUT for his idiotic, childish attack on Frankie Hejduk. Unbelievable. This guy should have been fired on the spot. Hopefully CONCACAF and or FIFA will levy some sort of penalty. Good luck beating the yanks with that kind of mentality.

Chivas owner Jorge Vergara finally made some public comments about SGE’s performance so far. He agreed that mistakes have been made and predicted victory vs. the Ticos in the Azteca. He also owns Saprissa, the Costa Rican side that makes up the base of the national team. Surely he won’t give them any incentive… naaah.

Two teams in Mexico (and apparently the LA Galaxy) are trying to bring Omar Bravo into the fold. I admit that I don’t know much about transfers, but hasn’t the transfer window closed? Have Mexican teams found another work-around, like they have with their famous “draft?”

Hugo Sanchez fell victim to that famous Mexican impatience last spring. As the coach of UD Almeria, though, he is putting up good results. Since taking over at the first of the year, Sanchez has guided the Andalusians to a 3-2-2 record and lifted them out of the relegation zone. At what point will the FMF regret putting the needs (and lost revenue) of Televisa and TV Azteca ahead of the national team?

What’s the over/under for coaches to get the boot after this weekend’s game? I say 2.