Bell: Barcelona "Rethinking" MLS Bid

When the White House wants something to go basically unnoticed they dump it to the press late on Friday afternoon when nobody is paying attention, and by Monday it's no longer news.

Now I'm not positing a conspiracy theory here, but JACK BELL OF THE NEW YORK TIMES just posted what is perhaps the first crack in the Miami saga.

Now, I'd be the first to say that I like the bid a lot more without Barcelona than with them. In fact, forget the stadium, I'd become this bid's biggest booster.

Someone I have great faith in told me the las time I brought this up that Barcelona's financial participation was going to be very minor, that Claure was putting up the lions share of the money and Barca was only there for show.

Bell's piece claims that it was going to be 50/50.

Either way, if Claure is as wealthy as he's supposed to be, then Barca pulling out shouldn't present a problem.

Barca also seems to want to imply that if they don't decide to pull out they might at least want to delay their entry. This is a startling turnaround from their previous demand that MLS either let them in for 2010 or they would yank their bid.

And despite Commissioner Garber swearing a year ago when Philly was granted their team that "no other teams will be accepted for 2010", (and it was meant as a slap at St. Louis) just this week they announced that, why certainly BarcaMiami could come in in 2010. No problem at all.

If I was St. Looey (I do so hope that's not an "ethnic slur" of some kind) I'd feel a bit miffed, but that's another tale.

Frankly, if I were Barcelona I'd be thinking long and hard about whether this MLS thing made any sense at the moment either. It's the sort of thing you do when times are good and you've got cash to toss around.

It's a whole 'nother thing when things are getting tight.

Just when we thought we had this expansion thing scoped - what fools we.