That's what it says. But that's not what it means.



The Panda Pacific Championships?

I'm actually stumped as to whether I'm going to watch "Lost" or the second half of the Galaxy game tonight. It's not like either of them make sense anymore. Although I sooner believe in a time-travelling tropical island than Beckham coming back to the Galaxy, "Lost" just can't deliver lines as funny as this:

And there's so much going on elsewhere, too.

Hooked on phonics worked for me:

In all seriousness, ten years ago or so the Revolution were one of the league's attendance leaders. Playing in the football stadium and being marketed in the football team's spare time didn't kill off the team, so cheerleaders won't either. New England is a market that, to coin a phrase, is too big to fail. People shouldn't worry about the Revs' future.

Speaking of Eastern Conference mainstays looking for new homes -from that same page, we see from the transcript that DC United is being blamed for not singlehandedly bringing economic revitalization to the RFK Stadium area, since DCU fans went to games, then immediately left.

Yeah, that doesn't seem to be DC United's fault. And while I haven't spent what you'd call a whole ton of money in Carson, I sure have spent more than I would have otherwise, viz., not gone anywhere near the place - having been to the RFK Stadium area, I'm gonna go way out on a limb and guess something similar is going on in Columbia.

DC United aren't any more likely to move out of their current catchment area than the Revolution, for the same reason - they draw so damn well, despite their current crummy home. Where are they gonna go? St. Louis? Ha - St. Louis United? Can you imagine?

I haven't even mentioned MLS re-upping with Panasonic, which, in these troubled economic times (has ITTET become an official Internet acronym yet?), is like running a two-minute mile. The Galaxy is only the second most interesting story in the league now - all the others are tied for first. (Yes, I'm still milking that Bobby Heenan joke.)