Game Over: Jack Warner will get the 2018 WC for Mexico

Jack Warner and Sepp Blatter aren't simply close associates. Their relationship is organic, with each of them making it possible for the other one to get what they want.

Sepp Blatter wants to be President of FIFA. He craves that power like an addict craves junk. He wants to spend his days swanning about the world in a Gulfstream IV, dining with Kings and Presidents, living a life that turns Middle Eastern Oil Shiekhs green with envy. Blatter is, quite literally, an international celebrity and he loves it more than life.

Jack Warner simply wants money. The incomparable Andrew Jennings calls him a "the worlds biggest serial kleptomaniac". He's a retired schoolteacher who is now so wealthy that he just organized the bailout of a T&T Bank by plunking down a million dollars of his own money AND PROMISING ONE MILLION MORE. The next day he pledged $500,000 TO THE PRIZE FUND FOR A CALYPSO CONTEST.

All of this being just small change, the table leavings from the vast horde he's accumulated since taking over CONCACAF and becoming Sepp Blatter's pal.

The equation is simple: Blatter gets the votes Warner controls and Blatter looks the other way as Warner gleefully steals everything is sight.

And if you think this is outrageous, consider this: A couple years ago, when he was running for reelection, Warner announced that Blatter need not bother doing any campaigning anywhere in CONCACAF. As Warner put it: CONCACAF has 35 votes, and the President will always get all 35.

You might want to note that one of those 35 belongs to the USSF. Warner controls it just as surely as he controls St. Kitts and Nevis.

In return, Warner can conduct the greatest ticket scalping scam in world history, making millions of dollars off of tickets he was able to grab as a FIFA Vice President (and which he never paid for) and when FIFA's auditors isssued a report outlining the theft and graft, Blatter announced that FIFA had "forgiven" Warner. No money was returned. Warner's son was fined a million dollars, but never paid a dime.

Money for power. Power for money. They give each other what they want most.

Beginning with the U17 World Cup in T&T, when Warner personally controlled concessions, accommodations, travel and tickets, it's been clear to him where the money lies. (That's not to mention smaller events like the "England Grovels for Jack" game last Fall in T&T where the game was "sold out" unless you stopped by Daryan Warner's shop down the street from the stadium, where you could buy all the tickets you wanted) And of course the big, big money, the Grand Poobah of cash cows, is the World Cup.

Warner has never made a secret of the fact that he wants the 2018 World Cup in CONCACAF where, as I noted a couple of weeks ago, he can control pretty much everything and Sepp Blatter won't say a word.

And of course his preference would be Mexico, away from those pesky US laws and investigators and transparency rules.

Down in T&T, at the palatial JOAO HAVELANGE CENTER OF EXCELLENCE, built with $20 million FIFA dollars which were supposed to go for regional development (actually there was only $12 million; Jack ran the budget up, signed for some loans, never paid a dime and six months later Blatter had FIFA pay it off), one of the two main wings is named for his old pal Guillermo Cañedo, a Mexican TV executive who was so powerful in footballing that Mexico's national stadium, the Azteca, was renamed for him, although the name never stuck.

He's the guy responsible for Mexico gretting the two WC's it previously hosted, and he did it the old fashioned way: graft.

He's now deceased, but his son has taken his place at Warner's side, as the CONCACAF organizational chart MAKES CLEAR.

As one of Warner's closest associates, Cañedo is perfectly positioned in Mexican telecommunications, broadcast TV and football to assure Warner the clear playing field he wants to rake in the big final goodbye score he wants as his FIFA influence expires along with Blatter's.

And AS JENNINGS POINTS OUT Warner currently has all the votes he needs. Forget the charade "bid process". Forget England. Forget everything. The game is over.

Consider that all Warner needs is 12 votes from FIFA's EXCO to get the WC into Mexico:

He starts with three: his own, Chuck Warner's and his other hand-picked CONCACAF/FIFA Executive, Guatemala’s Rafael Salguero, a man who would wash and wax Warner's car if he was told to.

One more is famous Argentine Jew-baiter Don Julio Grondona who is head of FIFA's finance committee. His co-chairman is Jack Warner. They're nothing short of partners in crime.

(In case you've never heard of him before, here's a typical Grondona comment: ‘I do not believe a Jew can ever be a referee at that level (Argentine Premier League) because it’s hard work and, you know, Jews don’t like hard work.’)

Then there's Brazil's Ricardo Teixeira, son-in-law of former Blatter/Warner co-thug Joao Havelange and head of Brazils Federation which has been graciously described as "a den of crime, anarchy, incompetence and dishonesty.’ He had Warner's support for the 2014 WC, and he'll return the favor.

The third South American voter is Paraguay’s Nicolas Leoz, a man so corrupt that he normally takes bribes from all sides and then makes up his mind which way to vote. What do you think he'd prefer: a World Cup run by England, or one run by Jack Warner? He's in.

Then there's Nigeria's Dr Amos Adamu, who was recently fired as Sports Minister but who is stll head of Nigerias federation. Warner was in Nigeria just two weeks ago, busily dumping on the government and threatening to pull the U 17 World Cup from them unless they did a bunch of largely unspecified stuff mostly amounting to giving his pal Adamu a couple hundred million bucks to spend. Count on Adamu to return the favor.

FIFA observers consider the other three African members on board as well. That's ten votes already, which, as Jennings points out, is more than England can muster with all eight of Europe's votes.

All Jack needs is to pick up his pal Mohammed Bin Hamman and Thailand's notoriously corrupt Wormai Makudi, a guy with a For Sale sign tatooed on his forehead, and England is toast.

In short, it appears that Jack Warner will decide for himself where the 2018 World Cup is going to be held, and of all the countries in the world the one place he most dearly wants it is Mexico.

Somebody want to argue that he won't get what he wants?

I'm going to keep saying this until you do it: Buy [ame=""]JENNINGS BOOK[/ame]. Do it today. This is the one person in the world Blatter and Warner want dead. Ought to be a good enough recommendation.