Walking Ads

It appears that Jerry Jones is having some problems with branding Jerryworld. NASCARs sponsors are falling over themselves to get out of the sport. Companies just aren't in a position to plunk down some scratch willy nilly unless it's for a frivilous executive's junket. So If Jerry is having a problem selling the naming rights to his new suburban palace, and Colon Blow is refusing to brand the 87 car, how on earth is Monterrey going to sell the adspace on their uniform's left butt cheek?

Some Mexican uniforms are classic, even iconic. Chivas, America, Pumas, and Atlas are instantly recognizable by most Mexican footie fans. Others are abominations, made even worse by the excessive amounts of advertisements that are strewn about the kit. It's as if the capitalism fairy drank too much of the sponsors brew and threw up all over the uniform.

The more popular teams don't have as much advertisements. A good percentage of teams have as many as 4 sponsors on the shirts, the shorts, the sleeves of the shirt, and the socks. And amazingly, some of these teams still have trouble making the payroll. How long is this gravy train going to last? Is Chiapas going to fold when they can only afford to sell to 6 sponsors instead of 14? Will they become Choco Roles de Chiapas instead of Jagaures to make ends meet?

All kidding aside, if it turns out that teams have less ads on their shirts, they can go back to a more traditional strip. Last year Guadalajara went retro for a game to honor one of their legends. Their unis never looked better. America's third set of rags evokes memories of their finest hour. Just once I would like to see the puma as big as it was when Hugo had a freak fro. As it stands now, though, a game on Saturday night might as well be played on the funny car circuit.