El Triste

Sad Kermit knows - it's not easy being green (probably NSFW - er, okay, utterly NSFW)

Well, it looks like my idea to start all three of Carlos Ochoa, Giovanni Dos Santos and Nery Castillo backfired. Dos Santos at least created something. As for Nery - well, I thought he was in game shape, and he wasn't. Nothing says "Hi, I'm not in full match fitness" like a hamstring.

And I knew - EVERYONE knew - that Marquez and Sanchez were just trouble waiting to happen. But I put them in anyway, because I didn't have the guts to go with guys who didn't have years and years of failure against the United States. The least Osvaldo could have done after giving up the second goal was kick it into his own net, just so we didn't see that score again.

Too much wishful thinking up top, too much conservatism in the back. And damn it, Mexico was controlling the tempo throughout the second half, a man down. If you had told me that was going to come close to happening, I'd have said the United States wasn't an insurable risk.

What can I say? I've done a terrible job, and I should never coach Mexico again.