Der Kommissar's in town

No one in America cares about this; we should be talking about the qualifying game in Columbus, and we will. I just want to get this post out of the way and buried in the back forty.

Beckham ties Bobby Moore's cap mark, and Don Garber picks THAT DAY to set a completely arbitrary deadline for him to fish or cut bait.

"Dear David,

Congratulations on tying one of the most beloved players in the history of the game on an achievement for one of the most storied and celebrated national teams on the planet. You have three days to decide who you're going to play for next year.

Don Garber"

Garber upstaged an event that Beckham has been dreaming about for literally his entire life. That, my friends, is dickishness on a William Murderface scale. I'm not sure people realize just how beautifully petty and vicious this was. It's like MLS and AEG are doing this just for my benefit. Don, Phil, Tim - I can't thank you enough.