Patience is an attribute that I rarely relate to Mexican futbol. Front offices get impatient when their club's coach loses a few, leading to his premature exit. Fans get impatient when the national team doesn't look like Brasil82 in a friendly and vow to never support the Tri again. National Team players get very impatient when they fail to crack a defense. More often than not comes a careless mistake, the other team scores, and then spend the post-game press conference explaining why they were the better team, the score was unjust, and deserved to win. Patience may be preached, but it is not practiced, but when it does make its rare appearance, the results surely follow.

For better or worse, if there was one country that is most associated with Mexican football, that country would be Argentina. Most of the foreigners in the league are from there. If there is a foreign coach, chances are he is from there as well. When club supporters were looking to enhance the game atmosphere, they turned to las barras in Argentina for direction and chants. Diving? Well, let’s just say that Mexicans didn’t need any help there, but Argentines are still the virtuosos in that area. Sadly, the virtue that I most associate with Argentine footie, patience, hasn’t been fully assimilated into the Mexican football culture.

In the last Copa America, the US jumped to an early lead vs. Argentina. The albicelestes didn’t panic, they didn’t change their game plan, they just pressed on, passed, passed, and patiently passed. They US grew tired from chasing, and then the floodgates opened. Believe me, I don’t think Mexico is anywhere near the level of Argentina. A 7-1 aggregate over their last two matches makes that emphatically clear. But since they like to emulate them so much, it would do wonders for their game if they learned to be a little more patient.