Diaz booted from Club America

The what have you done for me lately axiom is one of the cornerstones of the Mexican futbol business. And the latest casualty of this practice is Ramon "el pelado" Diaz. Diaz is the 2nd coach to fall so far in 2009, and we are only one month in.

Its hard to imagine any coach getting decent results when half the team's players are new, and a quarter of the starters were off on nat duty last week alone. But after only managing 4 points in the season's first 4 games, Diaz is sent packing.

Club America appears to have Jerry Jones disease. Not going outside "the family" to hire decision makers that carry out the team's day to day operations is a fool's errand. America needs seasoned, football savvy executives to forge a team that plays well together, not a bunch of sexy names that look good in the media guide. How many coaches will Club America exhaust before they realize that real problem lies a little higher up on org chart?

Diaz did bring with him a certain panache, but it did not mesh with the club. Did he underestimate Mexican footie? Did he phone it in knowing that he had a (rumored) hefty little buyout? Did he just not get adjusted to the altitude?

Whatever the reason, he is gone. Another classic case of Mexican club impatience.