What? You Mean MLS Still Exists?

Holy Cow.

I keep reading from pretty much everybody how David Beckham wanting to stay in Milan has driven a dagger (albeit a tasteful one, designed by Victoria for the dVb line and available at fine retailers near you) right smack through the heart of Major League Soccer.

So it is with great surprise that I see that several MLS teams are going ahead with pre-season preparations even though David Beckham, as we are constantly being told, "failed" in his mission to "save MLS"

(I was unaware that it needed "saving" but that's another tale.)

For example, Steven Goff is reporting at this hour that DC HAS SENT IVAN GUERRERO PACKING OFF to the Rapids in return for - well, for the return of Christian Gomez.

The Raps are also pocketing a designated player slot, a 2010 second-round draft pick and the rights to goalkeeper Mike Graczyk.

And apparently the news that MLS is a dead letter hasn't reached Canada either, since Toronto went ahead and signed ARGIE FORWARD PABLO VITTI.

Vitti has been hiding out in the Ukraine or someplace recently, and will likely br grateful for the second chance.

And some guy from the PDL Fresno Fuggedaboutit has been "allocated" to THE SAN JOSE EARTHQUAKES

The PDL sure is getting a lot of respect these days for a two month Summer league. Of course the whole Garcia thing hasn't exactly panned out for Houston, but hope springs eternal.

Speaking of the Great Beckham Bugout, some AUSTRALIAN RAG is chuckling up their sleeve at the "insult" that Beckham's comments about Milan being a higher level presents to MLS.

Excuse me, Buckaroo (or Soccero, as the case may be) but that A League thingie over there makes USL1 look like La Liga.

At least the guy was here for a while. The biggest star who's ever set foot on an A-League pitch is Fred, who beat a hasty retreat to DC United and who, last I heard, hasn't been begging to be allowed to go back.

The USMNT, now at full strength, worked out at the Crew's Obetz practice facility this afternoon at 4:30.

Media was allowed in for the last 15 minutes, where they witnessed a good deal of desultory ball kicking and, yes, some more stretching.

I don't know about soccer, but I'm reasonably sure we can absolutely kill Mexico at Pilates.