Boycott Blockbuster

In the wake of Radio Shack's decision not to distribute voodoo dolls wearing US Soccer uniforms with Landon Donovan's number, the makers of these lovely little momentos went searching for a new corporate partner to handle the distribution.

And they found one.

The dolls, which come with instructions telling the user to "Hold a needle firmly between your thumb and index finger and prick slowly the part of the doll where you want to affect the opponent" will now be handed out by Dallas, Texas based Blockbuster.

The back of the dolls' jersey reads: "Gringos."

Last week, Radio Shack issued a statement saying that they were refusing to participate because "a US company cannot support a situation that goes against the (national) team"

Blockbuster obviously does not entertain a similar set of scruples.

Not that you'd expect much more from a company that's now run by James W. Keyes who worked at 7-Eleven for 20 yearsand thus knows a thing or two about lack of class. (Although there's no truth whatsoever to the rumor that he was fired for spending too much time watching hot dogs turning on those steel roller cookers while clapping his hands and shrieking "Me likee! Me likee!")

The PR department at Blockbuster headquarters in Dallas is reportedly not returning phone calls from reporters on this subject.

Imagine that.

Now I know that many of you avoid Blockbuster anyway, since there's just no point frequenting a movie rental place that has absolutely nothing starring Katie Morgan, but for the rest of you I'm urging a couple of things:

First: Click here for an email link to SEND BLOCKBUSTER A LOVE LETTER telling them how you feel about them displaying contempt for US Soccer in this fashion. Ask them where you can go to get a Mexico-uniformed doll with "(insert racial slur)" on the back of the shirt.

Second: Give Blockbuster a call at 214-854-3000. Ask for "Jumbo Jim" Keyes. When they ask if they can take a message, tell them you're Ramon "from the club the other night" and you're calling to say you think he'd better get tested. Or ask why he's giving the Mexican soccer team a big old Slurpee.

Third: Stop by your local Blockbuster store with a few friends. Block the doorway while chanting USA! USA! USA! Burning your Blockbuster card would be good too.

Fourth: If you happen to know someone at Netflix, tell them that there's some real hay to be made here.

Fifth: If you're a soccer blogger, or know a soccer blogger, or ever leave a comment on a soccer blog, spread the gospel of Blockbuster Boycott. Don't say it came from me - I don't want credit. I just want Blockbuster to be embarrassed by this appalling lack of sense.

And in Columbus on Wednesday, nothing would go better with the pregame lubricant of choice than a rousing chorus of "Blockbuster Sucks!" for the benefit of ESPN's crowd mikes.

The people at Blockbuster surely knew that Radio Shack decided to cancel this promotion, and why. Thus, we can only conclude that, unlike RS, Blockbuster just doesn't give a crap about whether we're offended.

Maybe we can show them otherwise.

And if you have any other suggestions relative to how we can annoy the crap out of these jackwads, please feel free to share them below.