What to do with the minnows?

Let's fast forward to November 20 (viva la revolución). The hex is over, and Mexico, Honduras, and the US have all qualified. El Salvador squeezed past Cost Rica but didn't have near enough to do the same to Ecuador (or Uruguay). If you were FIFA, with whom would you pair up the CONCACAF teams? Asia? Africa? Which CONCACAF team would present the biggest headache for their group mates? Does CONCACAF warrant a group seed?

Once the dust settles, CONCACAF will be sending their strongest group of teams ever to a world cup. Regardless, the confederation is still lumped in among the other minnows. So would FIFA throw them in with Asia, ensuring that every group with a CONCACAF team will be the most difficult? Or will they group them with the 5 african teams, making the groups a little more manageable for Africa (and concacaf)?

How will FIFA rig the draw to favor the African teams?