Puppy Bowl V (R)

EDIT - I remembered I was also supposed to recommend soccernews.bigsoccer.com. And yes, it works. Duane Thomas, the guy I referenced in the bottom footnote, comes up in soccernews.bigsoccer.com, and let me know that his great Super Bowl line is officially a tedious cliche. Glad I put it in the footnote, instead of the lead paragraph....oops.

So there was a big rugby game yesterday, which I make an annual tradition out of obstinately and obnoxiously refusing to watch. I didn't care about either team, beyond noting with amusement that Rush Limbaugh and Barack Obama supported the same team, and hoping Pat Tillman enjoyed the game up in Heaven.* The idea of watching something for three to five hours simply for the commercials offends my stoic and socialist ethical system. Besides, the NFL cured my interest in their operation when the Browns moved to Baltimore (and I wasn't even a Browns fan) - the Rams moving to St. Louis was simply cupcake on the frosting, so to speak. (How many years have to elapse before I can legally call a dead person, such as Georgia Frontiere, something along the lines of "murdering whore"? I ask merely for the sake of argument, to further my knowledge of some of America's more interesting libel laws.)

Anyway, by all accounts, I missed the Greatest Game Ever Played. Moral to you kids out there: don't be a contrarian for its own sake. There's no percentage in it.

You'd have thought I would have spent the weekend making pithy, entertaining blog posts, then, since I wasn't ready for some football. You'd be wrong. I was as active as MLS player transactions at the end of the European transfer window. (God damn it, Kljestan's gonna come back to Chivas USA.)

However, I have the privilege of pushing a couple of blogs that are actually being productive.

Two I can cheerfully endorse as a member of the BigSoccer blog family. You're probably already reading texmex1, in order to get insights on the Enemy before the REAL important game in February.** We'll all have much more to say before Crash Wednesday, but mark my words - a 1-0 loss to Sweden's junior varsity? Green Rats, hell - try Green Sandbags. Or Green Possums.

WPS from the Corner Cubicle looks to be the go-to site for WPS information. Go there and boggle at the wacky playoff format we'll see. The Sol are going to be the best team in the Home Depot Center this year, so you might as well watch.

And I'd be remiss not to point out the new blog from HATE, who you might recall from helping to give MLS Rivalries all the warmth and compassion of a Cambodian landmine. Warning: not for the easily offended, or pretty much for anyone capable of being offended at all. The term "self-flagellating, toddler-fondling Catholicism" occurs in the first sentence. You've been warned.

But for the real inside scoop, who better than the man at the top? Beckham and Donovan are in the midst of controversial loans, expansion rumors are flying everywhere, and Bob Bradley has called to camp an all-MLS squad. I wonder what Don Garber's blog has to say about all this.

Oh. The last guest entry was so bad, they stopped the blog altogether, fired the guy who wrote it, and drove him clean out of the country. Last I heard, he was working for some moody French guy.

*I like to think Tillman would have appreciated this joke.

**Of course, US-Mexico is more important than the Super Bowl. World Cup qualifiers against Mexico are limited to two every four years. They're gonna play another damn Super Bowl just twelve months from now. That's not any more special than Academy Awards or income taxes. This insight is basically stealing from former Dallas Cowboy Duane Thomas saying "If it's so ultimate, how come they're playing it again next year?"