Isn't this AWESOME? Cobi's dreads, Landon's number - Mexico pays closer attention to our soccer team than we do, that's a given. I said in the comments on Clemente Lisi's blog when I first read this story, I want one of these dolls more than anything.

But not only can't I have one, no one else can either. Turns out Radio Shack is an American company, and it turns out someone with the Internets looked it up.

Spoilsports. Killjoys. I mean, this map was made by a Swedish company:

- and did it cause any controversy? It didn't, none at all. Don't bother Googling that, just take my word for it.

But hey, Radio Shack is an MLS sponsor, so please don't unleash your wrath on - what? They're not anymore? Oh.

I assume the dolls will be sent to starving children in Luxembourg next week, along with all the "Arizona Cardinals - World Champs!" T-shirts.

Speaking of being stuffed - fine, Beckham's scoring as much as Landon, he still has it, I was wrong, he's not washed up. Am I going to jump all over the Soccernet report that has Dave suffering a suspiciously familiar leg strain? (Via Ives.) Of course not. That would be petty. I don't need to be right about this. It's probably nothing. Certainly not a recurrence of the injury that hobbled him throughout 2007 and ruined his All-Star year in 2008, why would anyone say that?

(No, really, I recognize what a snipe (anagram) I'm being. However annoying the Beckham circus is, Beckham's competitive spirit is undeniable, and I can't truly cheer against him at this point.)

At least it's nice that people realize Beckham can't just unilaterally up and quit MLS, and that some of this is up to AEG and the Galaxy. I don't know why it annoyed me that people assumed for months that, despite direct quotes from Milan executives, Beckham could just cut and run, leaving our little flea circus cold - but it did. If Beckham does leave, he leaves for fair market value (well, more than that, it's Beckham).