Is There a Bigger Joke than Tigres?

Name a team who has passionate fans, a great stadium that is always packed, a front office that loves to add big -name players to their roster, but almost always fails to overcome the weight of their own expectations?

Granted, there are a bunch of teams who match this description: Tottenham and Atlético de Madrid come to mind. In the Mexican Primera alone there are several teams that fit the bill. The haters will quickly shout out “America”, but despite their recent shortcomings, America has a long history of winning. Even if it is a little revisionist.

The team we’re talking about is Club Deportivo Universitario de Nuevo Leon. But we all know them as Tigres. Tigres has everything going for it. The owner has deep pockets. They consistently sell out “el volcán.” They do bring in quality players. In spite of all this, they have only managed to win one championship in the last 30 years. The University’s American football team is so embarrassed to be associated with Tigres that despite sharing the same nickname, they prefer to call themselves “los auténticos.”

What gives? Is it the heat and humidity of Monterrey? Is it the ridiculous amount of cash the players get for signing with them? Is it the pretty regias (Monterrey girls, who are really quite stunning)? Are they coddled too much? What causes coaches to say this about the squad “We have to show them everything, including how to go to the bathroom-- standing and sitting”? With the amount of talent that Tigres has compiled over the past few years, one would think that trophy case would have hardware dated beyond 1982.

The big money players that Tigres sign shrivel up like an overcooked piece of bacon. Lately, going to Tigres seems to be a death sentence for good players: Jaime Lozano, Kikin Fonseca, Blas Perez, Lucas Lobos, Gaston Fernandez, to name a few, have all flopped at Tigres.

It also doesn’t help that 8 different coaches have been in the box since 2003. And 2 blowout losses to start this season has entrenched them firmly in the drop zone.

Their fans deserve better.