And the Hits Just Keep On Coming

That Beckham fellow, who everyone assured us just flat could not play any more, if indeed he ever could. Finished. Washed up.

[ame=""]YouTube - Bologna - Milan 1-4 - Beckham first goal with AC Milan[/ame]

Of course this just raises the temperature under the "Beckham will stay in Milan" argument, which was already on a low boil.

I have steadfastly maintained that he would end up back in LA, and I still believe that has been his honest intention all along.

But if you go back and watch that clip again, and maybe a couple of the other clips from Milan games over the last two weeks, one thing really smacks you in the face:

The man is enjoying himself. He looks like a kid at Summer camp.

Compare that with the downcast, depressed-looking guy who played for LA last Summer.

Just saying.

Meanwhile, keeping up with Sasha Kljestan is becoming a full time job: THE EVENING TIMES IS REPORTING today that, in the face of Celtic's reported $3 million offer over the weekend, MLS's asking price is substantially more than they're prepared to shell out.

Another report suggests that "SEVERAL CLUBS FROM HOLLAND AND GERMANY" have expressed an interest in the kid.

Reports are wandering the interweb regarding the supposedly imminent signing of former Ghana international Sammy Kuffour by the Chicago Fire.

Unlike a certain site I will refrain from naming, I'm not going to claim my information comes from "an inside source who is correct 61.83% of the time and who asked to remain anonymous", but this particular tale has some holes:

First, the guy has been retired for a year. I can see maybe inviting him over for a look-see but offering a contract?

Second, Kuffour is supposedly "in the US" conducting final arrangements, which might be telling except that various people in Ghana are saying they attended church with him yesterday and sat with him at a local club game.

Third - my favorite - Kaffour's representative is supposedly one Emmanuel Geeza Williams.

Williams is a Liberian national who runs a charity called Sport for the Destitute, which is part of the Homeless People's World Cup effort. His mission is to find Liberian street people and get them onto football clubs.

Call me a skeptic if you want but I find it unlikely at best that Frank Klopas is negotiating with a Liberian charity to sign a retired Ghanain street person.

Mo Johnston maybe, but not Klopas.

Then there's the continuing claim by Indian national midfielder Steven Dias (which seems an odd name for an Indian, but what do I know?) that his agent - a guy with the prosaic name of "Eddie Rock" - is negotiating with DC United.

Steven Goff has said there's nothing going on, but the word hasn't gotten back to Dias, although Rock is now suggesting that perhaps Denmark or Sweden would be "a better fit" for Dias.

No doubt.

The impetus behind all of this is of course Indian national team coach Bobby Houghton, who is trying to get some players out of the I League and into competitive situations.

Houghton is of course fondly recalled as the first-ever coach of the Colorado Rapids, who was fired after one season having taken a far-from-talentless team (Chris Henderson, Marcelo Balboa, Steve Trittschuh, Domenick Kinnear, Roy Wegerle, etc.) on a non-playoff non-drive which consisted of them losing nine of their last eleven games and finishing 10 points out of the playoffs.

Small world.