Mexican Coach Bingo

Coaches come and coaches go. It's the same in any league. Bernd Schuster wins la Liga for Real Madrid in 07-08. And after a poor start in 08-09, he pushes daisies. Replaced by Juande Ramos who had great success with Sevilla, before going to Tottenham. But gets the axe because of their awful start. And so it goes.

Well, it is certainly the same in Mexico. The revolving door spins like a centrifuge. So far in 08-09 there have been thirteen coaching changes. Mind you, there are only 18 teams. Of course, some teams aren't satisfied making one change a season; two teams have already made two changes. Puebla brought the guy the fired mid-season back for the Clausura.

There appears to be no criteria for making the change. Some guys get off to decent starts, but not good enough starts. Some resign on their own accord. There also appears to be no criteria for hiring either. Ruben Omar Romano was hired by America last year after only winning once in his previous 16 games with Atlas. That brilliant hire was rewarded with another 10 game winless streak. It was one of America's worst campaigns ever.

A lot of turnover means a lot of coaches have multiple stops in the league. Of the current coaches, and mind you this list could be different come Monday, the leader in coaching stops is Ricardo La Volpe, who not only has coached for 10 different teams, but has coached the national team. Would those be the bonus spots on his bingo card? He is a free agent, though. He resigned from Monterrey right before the season started. And we haven't even mentioned his 2 stops in his native Argentina. One would think that such a well traveled coach is in high demand because of the titles he has won. Not so much with La Volpe, he only has one.

Manuel La Puente can add 2 stints with the Tri to his 9 other teams. And our good friend Romano has coached a total of 8 teams. Radioactive? Hardly. Puebla did consider him and his stellar 1 win in his last 26, as did Monterrey.

There are two coaches that are tied in longest tenure: Tuca Ferretti (Pumas) and Enrique Meza (Pachuca), who have been graying with their current 5 short season stints since 2006. No Sir Alexes around here.

So with no real compelling match-ups in the MFL this weekend to discuss, not to mention another Tri injury (Matias Vuoso), our attention turns to the coaching dead pool. Where will the axe fall first?

Well, the suspense was short lived. Dario Franco has resigned at Atlas. It won;t be long before Ricardo La Volpe heads back to one of his former haunts.