Yobs and Slobs

"Burgers! Meatloaf! Pasta!"

"I'm telling you Kasey, it's Real Food for Real Guys!"

I understand that Dema Kovalenko is learning some new moves:

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpMplc5tBMY"]YouTube - Great MMA Knockout Must Watch[/ame]

And speaking of Bruce Arena completely losing his mind, how did I miss the news that TONY SANNEH (aka: "The Big Scat") has been brought into the fold in Carson?

Someone tell Bruce I'm pretty sure that Simo Valakari is available. Mamadou Diallo is out of work. Hell, if the model for the New Galaxy is "old, clumsy, skill-free thugs" Hristo Stocihkov could probably use a paycheck too.

I wish I could explain why it is that Hitler in the bunker ranting about Steiner not relieving Berlin is so freaking hilarious, but I really have no Earthly idea:

(EXTREMELY NSFW - Don't say you weren't warned))

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNV1mbLKXlQ"]YouTube - Hitler tries to sign Kaka for Manchester City[/ame]

Maybe it's just me - it probably is - but THE HUBRIS FROM SEATTLE is beginning to get on my nerves. "A partnership with the mighty Seahawks! What could be better! Why, we even get to use their practice facility! We're already the best team in the league!! And we have a great NFL stadium too! Those other guys can lick my...." - well, you get the idea.

I do think though that someone should mention to Joe Roth that one expansion team did "make the playoffs" a while back. 1998 as I recall....

If you have a little cash left over after the holidays, or maybe have a tax refund coming, you might think about SENDING IT TO JOHN SPENCER.

It appears that he's going to need to sleep on your couch for a while too.

I'm trying really hard here, but at some point MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE.

Finally, some people are so GOBSMACKINGLY STUPID that they believe American fans getting carried away celebrating a championship win is somehow analogous to a couple thousand drunken yobbos meeting in the street for a brawl.

(And someone tell "California Congressman Dan Lungren" he needs psychiatric help.)

Here's a good one:

"Bestial supporter behavior is the norm across all sports and at all levels"

Yeah boy, those synchronized swimming meets can be dangerous. And God help you with curling fans.

And would it be rude of me to point out that the guys who "rioted" at that Crew game were, you know, British fans who went looking for Americans to kick around?

The writer drags a broad net through a country of 300-some-odd million people. comes up with a handful of totally unrelated incidents which "prove" nothing at all:

Gangbangers "unrelated to either school" show up at a high school game and shoot some people. Parents get to involved with the relative success of their tiny surrogate selves and get out of control at a little league game. College kids get drunk and stupid after a football win. A handful of guys get liquored up and start yelling obscenities at an NFL game. PeeWee football coaches with WoodyHayesian illusions start whomping on each other.

If you list enough of this kind of stuff, the writer feels, it's not important that there's no connection whatever.

People the world over get drunk and stupid. People the world over let their love for their children overcome their good sense. Youth coaches the world over are morons.

I still have no idea why American college students sometimes celebrate big wins by burning cars, but that's another topic altogether and has a lot more to do with a) beer b) being 20 years old and c) more beer, than it does with "fan violence" and "thuggery".

Those of us in the US who have - for some ridiculous reason - chosen to follow The Beautiful Game know far, far better than this clown the kind of general perception the game has amongst the dimwitted on this side of the ocean. We deal with it every day. We all have our crosses to bear.

And drunkenness is a worldwide phenomenon, and has been since way back in the mists of prehistory when Ogg and Zogg got a little deep into the fermented pomegranate juice and started beating on each other over who killed the bigger Wooly Mammoth that day.

Bottom line, pal, I understand that your nose gets out of joint when you think the Yanks unfairly characterize English fans as louts. I don't blame you.

But until the Philadelphia Eagles Ultras start meeting up with the NY Giants firms someplace in Trenton for a knockdown, we're really talking apples and bowling balls here.

We're all doing the best we can.