It's Great When You're Straight

Marvell Wynne is completely full of crap.

Oh, really, Marvell? You think this:

is gonna lose to this:

Cavemen. You know what cavemen were? Chimpanzees who couldn't fight fair. What, one day they have opposable thumbs, and suddenly they're the lords of creation? I don't think so. It would be a more peaceful world today if we'd simply stayed as homo erectus.

Boy, is "homo erectus" fun to type.

You know what they're saying now? Cavemen didn't hunt jack squat. They just followed around big animals eating carrion when the hyenas were done. Hell, back in the good old days, Marvell's big, bad cavemen were jobbing to birds.

Effin' BIRDS.

Meanwhile, Buzz Aldrin is STILL ********ing up fools who say he didn't land on the moon.

Anyway, cavemen were just the useless 1/3 of Golgafrincham society to begin with - maybe if you wanted a telephone sanitized or fire fitted nasally, they were your lads, but in a fight? Well, I think Shaun Ryder said it best:

And he was in Happy Mondays.*

This has been Day 3 of Landon Held Hostage.

*EDIT - Ryder was in Happy Mondays, obviously, not Armstrong. Or Kong.

I wonder if I should write about soccer at some point? Seems like an interesting topic.