Feud for thought

How about some random notes? What? Random notes blogs suck, because they're a cheap substitute for actually thinking through a topic? Because it takes a truly special kind of hack to punt something as basic as premise, evidence, conclusion?

Look, dudes, it's the holiday season, all right? I'm waiting on stuff to happen, and they're not happening right now. You think I didn't notice the last couple of posts here? How WPS handles the Marta contract will pretty much shape the direction of the entire league. If she takes the field for the Satellite of Love, we argue about whether we have WUSA Twosa on our hands. If she doesn't, we argue about whether we have a W-League putting on airs.

Usually I Haughtily Disapprove of Rumors, but at least Ms. Striker is following up on the story, which is going to be a turning point in the history of the club game. No, she should not have headlined her previous post "Done Deal!" Yes, if someone gave me a story like that anonymously, and it came back to haunt me, I'd burn them like Joan of Arc (which may be a small part of the reason that I have no sources...a very small part of the reason). I've begged for links to people writing about the women's game before, you know. It's Striker and The Offside, as far as I can tell.

Huh. MLS Rumors and Steven Goff are having a feud. Now I know how England felt watching Germany and Argentina play for the World Cup.

No life-size Lego Brian McBride on this list?

Blockhead in the back, youth players failing to show proper awe and reverence in front

BigSoccer was on this topic way back in 2004. You're not even remotely surprised, are you?

David Beckham is a terrorist threat. (Well, I think Yahoo meant that Beckham has been threatened by terrorism.) Deep breath for credits: Beautiful Game via Yahoo via Goal.com. Obviously I can't find the original articule on Goal.com, so instead here's Andrea forgetting about the time Denis Hamlett took a swing at Octavio Zambrano.

Milan is not being paranoid. It's comparatively little-known, to terror experts and soccer fans alike, but the 1998 World Cup could have been far more tragic for Beckham, and the US national team.

US Soccer might not have known at the time, but they were certainly aware four years later - we all remember the images from Korea, with the US team being guarded with a truly intimidating security detail. How the sport and the national team program would possibly have recovered from what would have been the most horrifying terrorist action since the Munich Olympics will fortunately remain in the realm of the hypothetical.

Well. That was a bummer. Can't end a post like that. Let's see, I forgot to mention that with Warzycha hired in a shock move by the Crew - why would they fire Sigi like that? Why didn't anyone see this coming - that brings the number of former MLS players now coaching in the league to approximately twelve trillion. Walter Zenga was the first, a precedent you would have thought might have brought the whole experiment to a crashing halt, but no. (Unless you count Roy Wegerle's interim player-coach gig in 1996 as the first...but he was even less successful than Zenga.)

I think with the Crew joining the club, every MLS team has had a former player running things at some point. I suppose I could do the three seconds of research to check.

NEW YORK: Mo Johnston.
DC UNITED: Tom Soehn, whose seat must seem a little warm at this point for a guy who's won a trophy every year.
NEW ENGLAND: Zenga, but it took a former European star to truly turn this club around - maybe the Galaxy should try that.
KANSAS CITY: Curt Onalfo and Brian Bliss. I think the Wizards and the Quakes are the only clubs so far to have two former MLS players as coaches.
TORONTO: Johnston.
CHICAGO: Denis Hamlett, after John Spencer turned them down.

HOUSTON: Never been run by anyone but a former MLS player.
SALT LAKE: I thought for a minute there Kreis was going to be a player-coach, and to this day he still doesn't look comfortable in that suit.
CUSA: Preki could also probably suit up...I know it's a cliche to say things like that about former players turned coaches...
SAN JOSE: ...but keep in mind, Yallop played in MLS and he looks a thousand years old now.
DALLAS: Bucked the trend by dumping Steve Morrow for a college coach.
LOS ANGELES: The Yallop experiment didn't work...but then again, nothing has for a while.
COLORADO: Ah, the last holdout. Wow, they did recall Wegerle's interim stint. Clavijo never actually played in MLS, but that's all right because he never actually coached in MLS either.

Well, this was fascinating. Now I have to check to see whether Climbing the Ladder beat me to it.