Ljungberg Goes Under the Knife

Seattle midfielder-cum-underwear model Freddie Ljungberg UNDERWENT HIP SURGERY yesterday, sidelining him for an estimated "10-12 weeks", putting his availability for Sounders FC's opening day roster in serious doubt.

In other totally shocking developments yesterday, the sun reportedly rose in the east, the mojave desert was very dry and Generalissimo Francisco Franco was still dead.

Recent Wizards retiree Kerry Zavagnin has been signed to fill THE VACANT ASSISTANT'S SPOT on Curt Onolfo's staff.

The Wizards moved with lightning speed to fill the position, which was vacated when Chris Henderson left the team to become Seattle FC's Tamperer-in-Chief.

A year ago.

It's been quite some time since we checked in on Freddy Adu's progress in Europe.

I'm just saying.

Dedicated Dallas FC blogger "Scott" ISN'T TERRIBLY PLEASED about coach Schellas Hyndman commenting that he has no interest in young players.

It's a nice rant, but honestly it's his graphic that makes it worth the click.

It is undeniable though that Dallas FC is in a tough spot right now.

As noted today in THE STAR ETELGRAM, their two best players are going to be either a) gone or b) very unhappy this season.

For a team that missed the playoffs and needs to be doing some serious overhauling, that's a bad position to be in.

Kenny Cooper only made $83,000 last year, a ludicrous amount even by MLS standards and it's hard to blame him for wanting more.

They'd be tempted to make him a DP but the league isn't wild about the precedent. But if the league can't get a deal they like from overseas during the January window, then Cooper's going to be a very unhappy guy.

Ditto Dallas's Argentine midfielder Pablo Richetti, whose $138,000 salary in 2008 was certainly an improvement over Cooper's, but he thinks maybe twice that would be more along the lines of his true worth.

All of which makes it difficult for Dallas to know how much they have available to spend for their 2009 roster. And the season is only three months away.

In case ou missed it HERE'S AN INTERESTING PIECE from the Houston Chronicle about, among other things, the DeRosario deal.

It's not exactly news that it amounted to a salary dump, but what hasn't been widely known is that DeRo apparently wants a contract revision that will pay him a bunch more money.

And it was Houston's inability to comply with that demand that finally forced their hand.

The irony is that - as I noted a couple of days ago - Toronto may not have the cap room to do much for him either.

And since it's Sunday, I thought I'd contribute to the festive atmosphere by providing today's sound track:


Someone once said that the Spice Girls were the Pussycat Doll's mothers.

If so, then Toto Coelho are their grandmothers.

You'll be carrying this tune around in your head for the rest of the day. You're welcome.