It's Friday, It's the Holidays - You Really Weren't Going to do Any Work Anyway

I like to think of myself as a pretty hard core MLS fan.

Lots of people who know me would be happy to tell you that, in fact, I'm a way-over-the-top, simply insane MLS fan, but that's only because they don't know some of you guys.

Of course nobody ever says much about the guy you work with who is so in the bag for, say, the Steelers or the Cowboys that he's borderline deranged, but being a soccer fan in general is widely considered to be one of the signs of mental instability. Show up wearing a Mauricio Cienfuegos jersey some day and people will install the mental health hotline on thier speed dial, just in case.

But as big as fan as I think I am, there are some of you out there who simply blow my mind.

Take, for example, veteran BigSoccer poster "chitown".

If you've never visited his MLS ARCHIVES website, prepare to be stunned.

This isn't a guy with a few nice shirts hanging in his den or basement, like the rest of us; this is a guy who has his own personal Oneonta. Someone ought to throw Chuck Blazer's fat ass out of that palatial office space in Trump Tower and let him set up a museum. Much better use of the space anyway.

Then there's THIS GUY.

I corresponded with him a couple years ago just out of curiousity. He's really nice, seems relatively normal, and he's apparently not all that big an MLS fan. He just likes doing it.

Where the heck else could you get that information? Certainly not from the outside contractors who run They're too busy redesigning the site over and over to make certain anything you might actually want to look at is impossible to find to bother putting up content that fans might find intersting.

And while it's not exactly Major League Soccer, you're really missing out if you haven't spent some time AT THIS INCREDIBLE WEBSITE devoted to the late, lamented NASL.

If you can't lose yourself for at least 20 minutes wandering around that one, then I doubt if you and I could ever have a serious conversation.

It's particularly important because of the amount and extent of the pure, unadulterated horse pucky that gets slung around these boards about the NASL. Plenty of guys who weren't even born yet are more than happy to wax philosophical about the Cosmos and the Rowdies and how the Colorado Caribou uniform is undoubtedly the ugliest kit in the history of football.

(I know where there is one that still exists, and just as fair warning to the owner: when it disappears off that wall, you'll know it was me.)

Then there are guys like BigSoccer regular scaryice, who does POSITIVELY INSANE STUFF LIKE THIS on an almost daily basis.

God love him, because while I'm crazy enough to sit around reading it I'm not nearly crazy enough to sit around writing it.

And of course there's my personal favorite CLIMBING THE LADDER who not only does REALLY REMARKABLE MLS STUFF but also WORLD CLASS INTERNATIONAL STUFF as well.

(cue Budweiser background music)

So here's to you, Mr. MLS archivist and website guru; where would we be without you?