Hi, welcome to our valley, Mr. Magnon. Will you be staying long?

The reason I was so hot to have a blogroll was so, when I was out of ideas, I could glom onto others' creativity, hopefully masking my lack of original input. Whoops, I mean, carry on good points that might otherwise be ignored. Man, I'd better go back and erase that first sentence before I hit post, otherwise I'll look pretty bad.

Jimmy Conrad, Joe Cannon, Chris Rolfe, Bobby Boswell, Garth Lagerwey before he found honest work, and now Richard Farrer.

You know what, that's what'll finally put paid to fanbloggers, at least as far as MLS is concerned - MLS has churned out all these guys who actually had to pay attention in class, so they can write things like simple declarative sentences. (I shouldn't complain, though, I knew my days were numbered when Steve Jolley dropped in references to Anais Nin on one of his Project-40 diaries.)

Jocks who can think. Talk about the ultimate nerd nightmare.

Ice Cube - sorry, scaryice - wonders aloud why Octavio Zambrano hasn't been given another chance.

Well, first of all, he, um, how can I put this delicately...explored the frontiers between coach and agent with a verve and determination. (Ives thought it was all bunk, though.) Second, this:

He was replaced by Bob Bradley, whom he hated.

What's he doing now? I believe this explains it:

I can't argue with that.

I completely forgot to mention this when it was fresh, but here it is anyway. With all the complaints about Barcelona possibly establishing Chivas Florida, it turns out that the Arsenal partnership with the Rapids may not have disappeared.

Good call, Nick.

Amusingly, this flies directly in the face of what Jamie Trecker was told.

(The Trecker article is worth reading - yes, I know, but it's interesting.)

Will the Rapids finally become the Rocky Mountain Arsenal? The soap opera enters its third year on this very site.