CONCACAF Player of the Year 2008 - nominations

Okay, have at it.

For those of you who have just joined us - CONCACAF itself doesn't actually name a Player of the Year. So I do. I've done this for years now, no one has stopped me, so that pretty much makes it official. It's a dirty song, but someone has to sing it.

Males and wymyn are in separate categories. George Weah rules of eligibility - in other words: someone who represents a nation from outside the region, but plays inside CONCACAF, can win. Christian Benitez and Guillermo Barros Schelotto are good examples. Abel Xavier and Alvaro Pires are bad examples.

Alternative, someone who plies his trade outside the region, but whose national team is sufficiently CONCACAFfy, is also eligible. Rafa Marquez and Tim Howard are good examples. David Suazo and Freddy Adu are bad examples.

We* also take into account play for both club and country. You can celebrate Landon Donovan for either.

You might be tempted to wait to see how the Aperitif 2008 in Mexico turns out before making your final decision. This is entirely understandable. But they gave Cristiano Ronaldo the Beautiful Balloon before the year was up, didn't they? The least I can do is open the floor to nominees.

*The royal we, of course. I don't have lice.