The pride of the neighbourhood

I'm just trying to wrap my head around Ivan Gazidis taking over Arsenal. MLS is claiming this as vindication of the league's success, and it's pretty much impossible to argue with them. It wasn't that long ago that this league was on its way to joining the NASL in the Great Agate Type Standings In The Sky, and now instead of a resume stain, MLS can lead to an actual career in professional soccer. Maybe someone will hire Landon Donovan next.

You probably remember Arsenal from the 2007 Copa Sudamerica championship. Despite that success, It's going to be tough to compete with Boca and River Plate, of course, but the idea that someone whose reputation was made in MLS is a desirable target for a club in Argentina is significant praise. Maybe the league doesn't have the respect of Jamie Trecker and Grahame Jones, but someone's paying attention, and paying respect. Good work, MLS! And good luck, Ivan!