The Next Explosion You Hear....

I gotta say, the lengths that the locals have gone to in order for us to enjoy our visit out here are really incredible.

I mean, come out East and we'll happily throw a barbeque and arrange for some snow or possibly a bar fight.

Come to Carson and be a part of a freakin bomb threat.

The entire block is currently surrounded by 50 or 60 police cars. Intersections are closed off for a two block radius. LAPD bomb units, dogs, dyke-y looking, fatassed equal opportunity female officers carrying guns bigger then they are. The whole deal.

Of course what really happens is that three or four guys talk to each other on radios while everyone else stands around soaking up weekend time-and-a-half and talking about whatever cops talk about.

Kicking hippies around? Bass fishing? Who can say?

Apparently someone found a box of some kind in the parking lot this morning, and rather than just kicking it out of the way they elected to declare a national emergency.

I thought nothing like this was ever going to happen again in America, now that All Things are Right and Just. Or do I have to wait until AFTER the inauguration?

Either way, I'm just hoping that box doesn't contain a dozen donuts.

There just won't be enough to go around.