Even More Inside Poop

It's taken me a while to get you an update on the Red Bulls pratice. Had to attend another little affair first. Got to shake the actual hand of the actual Jack Bell. Also Ives Galarcep.

I may never wash it again.

Also, just in case it's been gnawing at you, Dan's baby is very cute. Seriously.

Anyhow, on to the Bulls.

When they opened practice and I got down to the field, they were having an actual soccer-type practice. They appeared to be working on middle third posession with an emphasis on springing someone behind the defense.

It was very interesting. For about two minutes. Then they stopped and lined up to work on:

Set pieces.

It's a bloody miracle MLS teams don't cash, like, 80% of them because it seems like it's all they ever do.

Anyway, strangely, it seemed like everyone else on the field was basically a prop whle the real point was for Danny Cepero to catch the ball. A lot. A whole bunch of times.

I would have thought they could have kicked the ball from the corner spot right into Danny's hands quite efficiently without 14-16 other guys standing around in the box watching, but I certainly admit that there's a lot I don't know.

So I wandered around the stadium a bit, watched them setting up the "ESPN Blue Set" on the concourse (I know that's what it was because that's what was stenciled on all the crates.

Then I wandered back and they were still kicking balls to Danny. His hands must be bleeding.

Afterwards they did the mixed zone deal, which is another term for "any idiot with a camera or a digital voice recorder can jam it into a random player's face and ask idiotic questions".

And I gleaned that the Red Bulls all plan on showing up and playing tomorrow. Honest.

I have to go lay down now. The excitement has been too much.