Best In Show


Last year when I was here, I tried to simultaneously make a more or less cutesy kidding-on-the-square joke ("Why wasn't *I* nominated? Where's *my* parade?", etc.) with what I considered to be a highly legitimate complaint (the official Women's National Team Blog? The one that ignored the Hope Solo fricassee? I say thee NAY). And, in doing so, I made myself look like a first-class, Grade A bitch.

Thank you. It was nothing.

Chastened, but wiser, I make the following observations.

Your nominays are Du Nord, Soccer By Ives, the official DC United blog, The Offside Rules, Unprofessional Foul, the soccer blog hosted by the Chicago Tribune, the soccer blog hosted by the New York Times, the official USMNT blog, and the official WSWNT blog.

Basically, I don't think team-sponsored blogs should even be in the discussion. No matter how much inside information they give you - and the official blogs do give excellent tidbits, provided the news is all good, like it was this year for the USWNT - they're not honest brokers.

The official blogs share with the big media blogs the considerable advantages of access. Love the Red Card, but Luis has a leg up, let alone Jack Bell. Is there a grey area here between this, and the many blogs run by reporters on their own domains? I suppose.

But the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune shouldn't need the damn help from the USSF. Someone who would genuinely benefit from the traffic should have gotten those spots. (This is where I'm a damn hypocrite for not working harder to get a blogroll up of my own, though. LOOK, people, these mines aren't gonna sweep THEMSELVES!)

3rd Degree is already on every Dallas fan's homepage already, I suppose. Fighting Talker complimented me, so it would be crass to link them yet again, haw haw haw. If you don't think this is funny, you're just being all hateful. Not sure Chris or Kenn need the validation, but here it is anyway. I'm not taking the strikethrough on the BigSoccer site here personally. Another one that's probably already on your bookmarks. And everyone steals from scaryice, so someone might as well show some appreciation. Not to mention a whole ton of other irreverent team-specific (usually)blogs. And, of course, the women's soccer site that dares to speak what the rest of us fear to whisper.

These guys don't necessarily have the benefit of a high-profile, high-traffic site to inflate their visibility and give them a prominence their quality doesn't deserve.

*awkward silence*

But since the sport in America and the sport on the Internet are symbiotic by now, it's just counterproductive to afflict the afflicted and aid the comfortable.

If you have a blog I forgot - especially a BigSoccer blog; I mean, come on, I do read the ones I see, but you gotta be assertive sometimes - let me know and I'll spread the love. Just think of me as your Internet crack whore.

UPDATE - speaking of me being a Class A bitch, Kyle at went the extra mile for me.

It'll probably have to wait until next year's nominees, but Andrea hit the ground running on her new gig:

Whew, that was a lot of link copying and pasting.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to hit the All-Bran, so I can give a crap about tomorrow's USMNT game.