Team of Destiny, Metaphors of Density

Boy, remind me not to piss Mateo319 off.

The central theme of this Sunday's game is, for want of tact, how badly New York stacks up against Columbus. If the Red Bulls win, it's going to be absolutely mind-blowingly tedious to read all about how "Nobody respected us, but we stuck together and believed in ourselves" and so on and so on and scooby-dooby-doo. Would it kill these guys, even in the heat of the moment, to admit that fortune and timing played SOME part? "We played some of the crappiest football outside Carson you ever saw, I feel bad we charged money for it, but we got hot at the right time and frankly we were luckier than Ringo Starr." So you'd be admitting you weren't Brazil 1970 - Muppet News Flash, some of us already suspect. Besides, wasn't it Abbie Hoffman that said stolen food tastes better?

That's not the same as "undeserving."* Columbus knows what can happen. Everyone knows. Them's the rules. If the Red Bulls win, "saluda al campeon," as the philosopher Eto'o said.

A New York win would be the biggest upset in MLS Cup history, which...isn't saying that much. I don't know what year you'd really call an upset, even in years when teams with worse records won. I guess 2005, but that year the underdog upset the Shield winner on the way to MLS Cup, not at the game.

Anyway, what kind of idiot screenwriter puts the underdog in freaking New York, and the big bully in Columbus, Ohio?

So yeah, reading about teams of destiny must be pretty tedious, especially as a substitute for actual analysis. Van Den Bergh has been fantastic this year, and Angel is lethal (assuming New York can get him the ball). Cepero is either in the zone of his life, or else Howard and Guzan better watch their backs. It's not impossible to see how New York can win, without invoking the soccer gods.

The soccer gods are a bunch of diving hacks anyway, if the last couple of World Cups is any indication.

*Well...barring a particularly unjust and/or hilarious red card-penalty sequence or three.