A beam in the world's eye

A day later, this still bugs me. I'll just expand on a one-line thought I had on a Galaxy forum, because...well, it still bugs me.

Look, I'm such a lefty I read Karl Marx in the original Russian.* I'm perfectly aware that occasionally Uncle Sam has been the drunken in-law at the family reunion.

Sepp Blatter runs perhaps the second greatest kleptocracy the world has ever seen (right after the Olympics). There will never, ever be an accounting of how much cash has been siphoned from nations all over the globe. Blatter is the unquestioned monarch of a world-state bigger than the United Nations, and vastly more financially powerful. He recognizes the laws of no nation. Among the people FIFA has seen fit to do happy and profitable business with over the years include Henry Kissinger, the Argentine military junta, Mexico's one-party state, and oh yeah, this guy:

Both the Olympics and the World Cup are pretty much awarded to the bidder with the biggest bribes. This isn't even controversial anymore. The IOC is, if anything, even more reprehensible.

I mean, Hitler. Literally Hitler.

And these creatures have the nerve to say they wouldn't have been comfortable with John McCain?

It's almost enough to turn someone back into a baseball fan.

*Joke stolen from a commenter on Roy Edroso's alicublog.