Veterans Administration

Well, I've been called out to give an opinion on the other Hall of Fame ballots.

For the Vets, it's once again the ongoing war between the 1990 World Cup era and the leftovers from the NASL. The ballot is here - and it's weird. But we'll get to that.

Let's look at the trends in voting, because I think it's interesting, even though it will be pretty tedious reading.

Here is the final 2006 veteran ballot results:

Al Trost: 29 votes ,50.88%
George Best: 25, 43.86%
Linda Hamilton: 25, 43.86%
Bobby Smith: 23, 40.35%
Brian Quinn: 20, 35.09%
Kyle Rote, Jr.: 20, 35.09%

Here are the 2007 results from the Red Jackets:

Bobby Smith: 26 votes, 50.00%
Hugo Perez: 25, 48.08%
Kyle Rote: 24, 46.15%
Bruce Murray: 23, 44.23%
Desmond Armstrong: 22, 42.31%
Linda Hamilton: 21, 40.38%

And, last year:

Hugo Perez: 28 votes, 58.33%
Kyle Rote, Jr.: 22, 45.83%
Desmond Armstrong: 21, 43.75%
Glenn 'Mooch' Myernick: 21, 43.75%
Linda Hamilton: 21, 39.58%
Bruce Murray: 19, 33.33%

There's no really significant new arrival on the vets' ballot this year, so we can count on one of two results. Rote finally gets inducted, or else the 1990 World Cup voting bloc - who have 28 votes to play with - settle on either Bruce Murray or Desmond Armstrong.

Huh. Desmond Armstrong. Okay then.

The wild card here is where Mooch's votes go. This will sound way more crass than I mean it to, but. Notice how George Best's totals dropped off the top five? He had a sympathy wave on the first ballot after he died in 2005, then his voting totals more or less normalized - Bestie got ten votes last year. This isn't taking anything away from Coach Myernick's contribution to the game, but I'd be stunned if he were in the top five next time around.

The guy with the worst dropoff from the past few years, though, will be Brian Quinn. After his 20 vote performance in 2006, he's missed the ballot the past two. Why? Take it up with the Hall of Famers themselves. Suddenly Shep Messing is worthy of consideration again.

I'm hoping Murray makes it, but it looks like this will be Rote's year. Okay, technically, next year will be Rote's year. Really, the only sure thing is that Linda Hamilton will get 21 votes.

As far as the Builders. Someone - I forget who - was complaining today about people active in the sport being eligible for the Builder award. Next time I see Mr. Anschutz, I'll tell him to return the jacket. Anyhoo, the Builders last year were on a mission to make Bill Archer happy - Anson Dorrance in, Chuck Blazer out.

The most qualified guy on this year's list is DiCicco. Well, actually, the most qualified guy is Garber - people hate it when I compliment him, but the guy has run a freaking American soccer league to profitability. Remember where it was in 1999? But yeah, maybe we should see how he handles the post-Beckham era before we build him a statue.

The richest guy on the list is Kraft. Well, unless it's Blazer - I'd speculate on his offshore holdings in the Caribbean after his years of service, but I'm afraid he'd have me killed.

I'm pretty sure, unless the Krafts come up with a generous donation to the Hall, that it will be Blazer. It's, um, hard to say he doesn't have a case, unless you want to hold off until he brings us another World Cup. If elected, I'm pretty sure he would be the Hall's first blogger.