Trick or Treat?

It's Halloween.

They tell me that this is a holiday which has grown exponentially in the last 20 years or so from a quaint little couple of hours of tiny tot Trick-or-Treating into a full-blown big dollar extravaganza.

As a result, this has become a big deal for a lot of retailers and, because we all need to do our part in these trying times, herewith some free ad space that Huss won't get paid for, as opposed to those goddam Circuit City dancing Wii controllers:

(Probably NSFW, except in New Jersey)


And speaking of costumes, the MLS playoffs began last night.

Sort of.

I mean yeah, a couple sets of guys in uniforms showed up and all, and they ran around kind of hard and stuff but there was but damn little that anyone would describe as soccer per se.

Maybe it was the cold. Sure looked cold.

But what I couldn't figure out - aside from the apparent lack of local interest evidenced by all the empty seats - was how Steve Nicol was able to pack the box with defenders, forcing Chicago to shoot mostly from long range, and still get most of the possession and most of the pressure and most of the shots.

No, it wasn't a huge edge, but it was enough of one that almost anyone would have noticed.

Granted, the closest either team came to scoring was Brian McBride's barely-but-definitely-offside layout header, which hit the net but not the scoreboard, but beyond that you really had to say hat the Revs looked much the better side.

But that's a relative judgment since neither side looked comfortable. Playoff nerves? The weather? Who can say?

Chicago has to feel pretty good about playing the decider at their place next weekend (and here's exactly where the "home field advantage" that lots of people denigrate in a two-match series comes into play) but maybe not so good about the fact that the Revs drew their first round playoff game, at home, in 2007 and went on to the Championship game.

The Revs served notice that, most reports to the contrary, they intend to fight this one out.