McFragile No More

After a certain guy from Leytonstone, maybe no one has been the topic of more MLS fan chatter this season than Brian McBride.

Starting even before the protracted negotiations with Toronto - due entirely to Major League Soccer's Kafkaesque acquisition rules - the saga of perhaps the most accomplished American field player ever (not that there's a whole bunch of competition beyond Claudio Reyna), instant Hall of fame inductee-in-waiting and notorious Segroves embarasser McBride has been maybe the best story of the MLS season.

The incomparable Beau Dure who, we try mightily to forget, is a Dookie, HAS POSTED A TERRIFIC PIECE on BMB's career, his return to MLS and how he's affecting the Chicago Fire who, it has to be remembered, paid a pretty stiff price for his rights.

Such a stiff price, in fact, that it's clear they did it for one reason, and one reason only: to win the Cup, and to do it now.

Mr. White isn't getting any younger either, and if he's going to spark a championship run it's going to have to be sooner rather than later. The Fire rolled the dice big time for what could very well be a two-year window. If they win it all, it was worth it. If not, it was a mistake.

Seldom is a deal this specific: winning now is the sole rationale.

Based on recent results, it appears that McBride has found his MLS stroke again and if you were going to put money on an outlier for the Championship, the Fire is the smart bet.

And what better way to start a run than to open against the Revolution, who are without Ralston and Twellman due to injuries and Khano Smith due to stupidity (MLS has added two more games to his suspension).

Add in the fact that the Fire is 3-0 against the Revs this season, toss in the ugly late season collapse in New England and it's hard to see the scions of the erstwhile Pictures of Chairman Mao advancing.

From time to time I've pointed out particularly ridiculous David Beckham stories, that various media outlets felt were newsworthy, but today's entry is so far above and beyond any previous effort that it may very well never be topped:

Apparently, DBecks went to an LA Lakers game and - I hope you're sitting down - HE WAS SEEN CHECKING OUT THE LAKER GIRLS

Now some of us might think that NOT checking out the Laker girls was a sign that you're either stone dead or a raging homosexual, but apparently staring at semi-clad young women gyrating about the place is a sign of moral turpitude.

Or something.

The guy can hardly be blamed if he gets the impression that everyone on Earth is completely insane.