MLS Gets New Shiny Thing

Today in New York, Major League Soccer unveiled their new championship trophy, henceforth to be called the Philip Anschutz Cup.

For those of you in Dallas, Columbus, New York and Denver, since you never saw the old one, this is what it looked like:

And of course for those of you in Toronto, you'll never see either one of them so you can move along.

My question is this:

Wasn't the old one called the Alan I. Rothenberg Cup? Do we know if Al is happy about being put on a shelf in Oneonta to gather dust from now until - well, until the place burns down or something?

Does this mean that Rothenberg has been demoted? Is he on the outs with the Board of Governors? Get into a pissing match with Don Garber? What?

For those of you who think Eddie Johnson sucks (and judging by the volume of BS posts, you could start a small country of your own) you'll be pleased to know that YOU'RE NOT ALONE

The fans in Cardiff are, to say the least, less than enthralled by GAM's talents and contributions.

Fans of rival teams… You genuinely won’t understand how bad this guy is until you see him. I’m not exaggerating when I say he is without doubt the worst player I’ve seen in a City shirt (and that isn’t tunnel vision). Of course, I’ll happily lick his boots clean should he come good, but trust me, he won’t. For any team, ever. No matter what some might say, if this guy prospered in the MLS then it truly is a joke of a league.

Unfortunately, I see no evidence that this piece was written by Bob Bradley.