You know, life sure has it's ups and downs.

One week you're the toast of the entire soccer universe for your never-before-equalled-by-a-rookie-starting-his-first-match feat of scoring a goal from a DFK.

(By now, if you haven't seen the clip, it's because you're in hiding from all media until after the election to keep your sanity.)

The next week, in a now-or-never last game of the regular season scenario a divisional opponent hangs five goals on your ass, bringing you back to Earth with the sobering realization that your lifetime GAA now stands at 3.00.

Of course it's pretty unfair to drop all that net-banging in Cepero's lap; Gabriel Cichero, one of the midseason signings that were supposed to turn the Bulls season around, could not possibly have played worse if he'd been in a full body cast.

Chris Rolfe, meanwhile, had a chapeau by the half, added a couple of assists and in one fell swoop became not only the MLS POTW - they should just call it the Weekly Hat Trick Award - but also put himself smack at the top of the league BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK ratings as soon as the indispensible The Best Eleven blog recalculates them.

He hit a cross with his head:

He hit a ridiculous seeing-eye bomb:

He beat three defenders who apparently didn't get enough sleep the night before:

Now we'll leave aside the question of how in the world a team that has laid down and played dead for the last couple of months can STILL not be eliminated from the playoffs (incredibly, a DC loss at CBus on Sunday puts them through). It is what it is.

My question would be: Why in the world would they want to? I mean yes, in theory, any team that gets in can go all the way, but come on; these guys are simply...well, bad.

As for Juan Carlos Osorio, if this isn't a dead man walking then they'll be lucky to sell 1000 season tickets over the Winter. He has consistently made awful decision after awful decision, and last night was the icing.

As for Chicago and their fans: they can be forgiven for those smirks they're walking around with today.

Paybacks are a...well, you know.