This is what happens, Larry

Me, reacting to my Galaxy season ticket renewal order form (slightly edited)

Now, we finally have some casualties. Let's bury them, because there's not much to praise. Where did it all go wrong?

Really, not much to be ashamed of. "In it until nearly the end" was a good option, especially considering the paucity of the roster back in April. Yeah, it would have been a lot uglier without Huckerby. Yeah, they started to believe their own press releases. Better to do this in Year One Reboot than, say, after winning the Supporters Shield. Besides, they could easily still finish ahead of the Galaxy. If you had told Quake fans that was an option back in March, or even June, they would have sold their children for it.

Where do they go from here? I think we'll see more tinkering than any kind of overhaul, despite the general meh-ness of the talent right now. The surprise will probably be where Frank decides to upgrade. Nick Garcia isn't getting any younger, Cochrane regressed, and Joe Cannon almost never updates his blog. Next year's goal is the playoffs, not necessarily a trophy. They'll probably make it, too.

Really, a lot to be ashamed of. I assume Bruce Arena has been given, in the words of Pat Ast as Edna in "Reform School Girls," COMPLETE CONTROL!...which is fine, until he decides to rest Beckham for a road game. Or until the Galaxy starts off next year 1-7-2. Literally the only bright spot for this team is a fine crop of youngsters. Bad option: Arena fails, Leiweke picks another "big name" who is out of touch with MLS, lather, rinse, repeat. Good option: Arena fails, Cobi or Robin Fraser or someone with a little Galaxy and MLS background takes over and makes a decent but unsuccessful run at the playoffs. Remember Project 2010? I'm soaking in it.

In the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope. Sadly, Toronto's in Canada. A soft schedule to start the year, plus some genuine improvement and a streamer-fueled, rubber-turfed home field advantage, made the Redlegs seem much better than they were. Coach Joseph Hazelwood's roster management made Ruud Gullit look like Sir Alf Ramsey in comparison, and now Toronto has an offense built around Chad Barrett, Amado Guevara, and Carlos Ruiz. If Carver doesn't make good his threat to quit, he's going to take Mo Johnston with him. The wild card here is which of Canada's pretty good Euro-based internationals MoJo is able to talk into coming home. Probably won't be Owen Hargreaves, though.

Well, of COURSE people aren't showing up. They lose all the time. Jesus, Mary and Dawn. After a certain point, results matter for a fan base. How did Columbus start drawing again? By winning. How's Dallas going to start drawing again? Go on, guess. It's going to be interesting to see what Hyndman does with this randomly-assorted roster, and how much Hunt Sports Group is gonna let him spend on the task. I suppose they can hope Drew Moor can lead a defense, if he doesn't go off to Scandinavia or something. They really should hit "undo" with every international player on the roster - the ones they have now are either more trouble than they're worth, or a lot more trouble than they're worth. I don't have a lot of confidence in any short-term improvement, though - if they want excitement for the fans, then Sala's going to have to sucker-punch another Colorado Rapid or something.

NEXT WEEK: Salt Lake and New York (I think)