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The hits just keep on coming for District of Columbia.

FIRST THEIR PRIZE DP toasts a knee and is done. Yesterday they announced that Fred is finished for the year as well. Jaime Moreno lost his appeal and will have to sit out again this weekend against Houston. Luciano Emilio is doubtful with that hammie strain.

I'd ask how it could possibly get any worse but since this is MLS, where anything can happen - except in Toronto - they'll probably go on a winning streak.

Speaking of our Brothers to the North, apparently they're in a PLAYOFF DRIVE of some kind. Winning one lousy game per season - they just got the one for Autumn - apparently does that.

The problem is - wait for it - MLS is a screwed up league that "really has missed the boat when it comes to not recognizing the international soccer schedule". Actually, I think they "missed the boat" in grammar school since, the way I see it, MLS was on the poop deck waving goodbye as the SS Not Recognizing The International Soccer Schedule was leaving the harbor.

However that may be, they're once again whining about losing players, which is getting old - did they or did they not know the rules when they a) begged to get into MLS and b) signed these particular players - but in all honesty they should see this not as a problem but rather as an opportunity:

If they would just sign all those Canadians that they claim they want to "develop" then they'd be sitting pretty, since Canada, as always, will be among the first CONCACAF teams eliminated - right there with Dominica, St. Lucia, Craptastica and the rest of their fellow third world sinkholes - and next year, when qualifiers roll around, they won't lose a single player.

Problem solved.

Would someone please explain to me just why everyone is suddenly slobbering all over Peter Vermes? Yeah, he was a decent player with two or three MLS teams and was even Defender of the Year when KC won the Cup.

Now he's the Wizards Technical Director and, while he's probably doing a bangup job, it's not like they're, you know, good or something. I haven't heard anyone going "Wow, that Peter Vermes sure is directing the technicals of that amazingly technically directed Wizards team" or whatever.

So how the hell is it that WHEN LA NEEDS A NEW GM they hotfoot it to Kansas City and offer Vermes the job?

And then a couple weeks later, SEATTLE FC OFFERED VERMES THEIR HEAD COACHING JOB before ever even starting an interview process?

Now he's supposedly considered "a strong candidate" for a job - either as head coach or GM - with the Philadelphia Benjamins.

What did the guy do? Who has he coached? What team has he led to glory?

I must be missing something.

The Salt Lake Royals have a record on the line this weekend.

No, it has nothing to do with on-field futility or how little Jason Kreis can spend on clothes and still avoid being grabbed up in a routine homeless persons sweep.

Rather, it's that no established MLS team has ever lost the inaugural game in their new stadium, nor failed to score at least two goals in same.

The record so far:

2007 / Colorado / Dick's Sporting Goods Park / D.C. United / W, 2-1
2006 / Chicago / Toyota Park / New England / T, 3-3
2005 / FC Dallas / Pizza Hut Park / Metrostars / T, 2-2
2003 / Los Angeles / Home Depot Center / Colorado / W, 2-0
1999 / Columbus / Crew Stadium / New England / W, 2-0

The only MLS home team to ever lose an opener was an expansion team: Toronto at BMO in 2007.

The NCAA is conducting voting to select THE COLLEGE CUP 50th ANNIVERSARY TEAM, and it's a very interesting list of names.

Go and vote for the guys you like, or get ahold of BigSoccer Maven Sandon Mibut - the man who correctly predicted pick #47 in the 2008 MLS Superdraft (and no, I am not making that up) - and he'll tell you who actually deserves to be on it.