Carver: If TFC Doesn't Sign a DP, "I'm Going Home"

So Whining John Carver, taking a break from blaming MLS rules for the fact that his team stinks, told a reporter today that IF TORONTO FC WANTS HIM AROUND NEXT SEASON then they have to give him a DP.

John's opinion is apparently that it's impossible to win in MLS unless you have a highly paid foreign guy on your roster. Like, say, LA. Or DC. Or Kansas City.

Or perhaps he's thinking of the three teams with the best record in the league, Houston, New England and Columbus, who...oh wait, they don't have one.

Well, I'm certain Carver has a point, and I too desperately hope they find him a guy, any guy, and pay him two million bucks a year so that he will stick around.

I nominate me.

Following in the footsteps of MLS "Mexican expansion team" Chivas USA, Pachuca is apparently preparing to buy into Frank Marcos' USL1.

THEY SAY THEY WANT TO MOVE INTO MLS "eventually" (how this will work, exactly, remains a mystery).

An official announcement could come as early as tonight at about 7 PM at Pepi's Pizza on 7227 S. Central Ave., Phoenix.

No, I am not making that up.

I think it's safe to say that Tim Leiweke's announced goal of turning the LA Galaxy into a "world class brand" is a bit behind schedule.

But then, as THIS PIECE IN SIGN-ON-SANDIEGO POINTS OUThe's also the guy

who in 2004 fired Sigi Schmid, the current Columbus coach, with the Galaxy in first place. Who hired Lalas as general manager after mixed reviews at two previous clubs. Who hired Gullit as coach for a reported $10 million over three years, only for him to resign after 21 games because the team had, in Leiweke's estimation, become “dysfunctional.”

Nonetheless, Leiweke isn't going anywhere, so Arena will have to find other people to replace but, interestingly, he doesn't sound entirely convinced that the Beckham Circus and winning are necessarily compatible.

Greg Vanney is more specific, saying that, back in the day, the players felt like it was their team and their league, but now it seems like it's all about Beckham and he, at least, isn't 100% comfortable with that.

Interesting piece.

The Puerto Rico Islanders, who ended the USL season on top of the league and were thus the first seed in the playoffs, will be playing second seed Vancouver in the Championship final on Sunday.

In Vancouver.

The Islanders, including most specifically Head Coach Colin Clarke, are none to happy about this and feel the league has done them a dirty.

It's a league decision which "takes a lot of factors into consideration" but apparently "the right thing to do" isn't among them.

Whatever the reason, it's certainly not about stadium size or attendance: the Whitecaps play in 5,288 seat Swanguard Stadium, while the Islanders hosted over 9000 fans at last week's semifinal against the Rhinos in Juan Ramon Loubriel Stadium.

And for those of you who just can't get enough news about the Beckham family, I bring you this fascinating piece about how Posh uses a secret "bird poo facial" to keep that youthful glow, AND THAT THE HUBS IS "INTERESTED" in trying it too.

The British don't seem to understand why Dave and Becky split for the US. I'm firmly convinced that one of the reasons is articles about stuff like bird poo facials.

But maybe it's just me.