WPS - draftier than the Bates Motel

Melissa did a better job here. Although I suppose I could plagiarize? I mean, deliberately?

Here's something amusing I learned this week - when you write a poem mocking Tim Leiweke, AEG stops returning your calls. Who knew?

Hardly an obstacle when discussing the Galaxy, because the results are pretty much there to see. But the Los Angeles Intensive Porpoises* look to be an incredibly exciting team. Then again, so did the Galaxy this year.

I have only marginal familiarity with some of the names from today's draft - Danesha Adams, India Trotter, Tracy Hamm - but not enough to analyze the picks expertly. So, I took a look at the WPS Fan Forum thread, Who should be the top pick? Congratulations to "Gordie Raynes" and "Eleanor," the two people in the thread to actually name anyone who was, in fact, drafted. And a cookie to "OhioKid," who hopefully managed to shut up that obnoxious Washington Freedom fan. I now hate the Washington Freedom, based on nothing but that thread.

The WPS site referred to most of their players by their college team - understandable, since Jane Juicepack might not have heard of the New Jersey Wildcats, but probably has heard of the University of North Carolina. I found this USL article very helpful in giving us a little more background into what today's draftees have been doing, and how successful they've been. I'm sure someone has already done this, but I decided to try to list the players by most recent club.

1. Washington Freedom - Sarah Huffman (Washington Freedom. Yes, they had to draft their own players.)
2. Bay Area Star-Bellied Sneetches* - Jill Oakes (Pali Blues)
3. Washington Freedom - Becky Sauerbrunn (Washington Freedom - they traded with St. Louis for this pick, which rescued Sauerbrunn from the unspeakable horror of playing in that terrible city - oh, she's from there? Oops)
4. Boston Breakers - Amy LePeilbet (Pali Blues)
5. Los Angeles Plain-Bellied Sneetches* - Karina LeBlanc (Canada, New Jersey Wildcats - um, is LA going to be able to sign her? She seems pretty happy with her Rutgers gig, seeing as how it came before Canada on her website bio)
6. Chicago Stinking Onions - Danesha Adams (Pali Blues)
7. Sky Blue - Cori Alexander (BOSTON BREAKERS! PSYCH!)

8. SB - Keeley Dowling (somewhere or other in Sweden, came close to making Team Pia)
9. Chicago - Ella Masar (Washington Freedom - again, PSYCH! And what's with this run on Washington and Pali Blues players?)
10. LA - Kendall Fletcher (Pali Blues - seriously, there are other teams, y'know.)
11. Boston - Nancy Augustyniak Goffi (Arizona Rush, as a WPSL All-Star...and the Atlanta Beat. So she's kept in shape, good for her.)
12. LA - Christie Welsh (Washington Freedom. So, all you W-League players from teams besides Washington and Pacific Palisades, you got ignored, basically. Welsh is another Wooser, so listing her as being from "Penn State" is a little misleading. Although I can see why WPS isn't bending over backwards to play up any WUSA connection.)
13. BA - Kandace Wilson (Pali Blues)
14. St. Louis - hey, St. Louis is in the league this year - India Trotter (Pali Blues. Did only two teams release players for the combine?)

15. St. Louis - Angie Woznuk (WNT camp - apparently didn't play club ball last year, but she only finished her NCAA eligibility in 2007)
16. BA - Liz Bogus (Pali Blues. That's seven from the W-League champs, and the LA team signed Charlie Naimo as their GM. Melissa asks a good question - will the Pali Blues exist anymore?)
17. Washington - Lori Lindsey (go on, guess)
18. Boston - Sue Weber (Long Island Rough Riders. A W-League team. How many W-League teams do you think there were last year? Go on, guess. Six? Eight, ten tops, right?)
19. LA - Manya Makoski (Soccerplus CT, a WPSL team. Listed as a Pali Blue on their roster, but turned them down for the WPSL, made the league All-Star team...now Naimo is drafting her. Huh. Okay then.)
20. Chicago - Marian Dalmy (USWNT pool - in the roster for the China WWC, out of the roster for the Olympics. Damn, that's gotta sting.)
21. SB - Kacey White (USWNT pool, somewhere in Sweden, former Texas Tech assistant)

22. SB - Jenny Anderson-Hammond (Chicago Gaels, a name I've always loved (see, Windy City, Gales, Gaels...eh, screw it.) She keeps busy, by the way. By the way - forty-one W-League teams, the vast majority of which were totally ignored. Including a team called the Jersey Sky Blue.)
23. Chicago - Ifeoma Dieke (Atlanta Beat, and, as you can tell by the name, a foreign international...from Scotland, of course. Interesting pick, Peter.)
24. St. Louis - Joanna Lohman (somewhere in Sweden - I know I'm being racist towards a Swedish league which is arguably going to be better than WPS, but what are you going to do? Nothing. That's what you're going to do.)
25. Boston - Kristin Luckenbill (a Boston W-League veteran...from before WUSA.)
26. St. Louis - Amanda Cinalli (Notre Dame, for reals. Played with them last year.)
27. BA - Tracy Hamm (California Storm, WPSL. Good player, too. Yeah, it's like the Earthquakes drafted some kid called Bob Maradona. Try to judge her on her own merits, willya.)
28. Washington - Emily Janss (Washington Freedom, the sixth Freedom Rider. They're getting the band back together!)

The one thing I did notice is that, compared to the cattle call from MLS in 1996, there were far, far fewer players taken in the "general" draft. Right now, your basic WPS roster has three US internationals, four foreign stars, and four pretty darn good players who weren't forced to get real jobs in between the end of WUSA and today. That's a pretty thin roster, even accounting for the two or three college players who will be drafted.

You can also discuss the WPS draft with Steven Cohen and Nick Webster, perhaps the only two people in America less qualified to discuss women's soccer than myself. That FSC deal came at a high price, if you had to drag those two along for the ride.

*or whatever they end up being called